New Delhi Muslims Bury Dead as COVID-19 Deaths Climb in India

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Muslims in New Delhi continue to bury their dead in an overcrowded graveyard, Wednesday, April 21, as coronavirus deaths there continue to reach new heights.
READ MORE: India’s capital, New Delhi, has announced a six-day lockdown as the city’s health system became overwhelmed after a record spike in cases of COVID-19.

As India reels under a second wave of the pandemic, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson canceled a trip to New Delhi scheduled to take place next week.

India’s Foreign Ministry said the two sides “will hold a virtual meeting in the coming days to launch plans for a transformed U.K.-India relationship.”

New Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said at a virtual press briefing Monday there were fewer than 100 critical care beds left in the city’s hospitals and that medical oxygen and key drugs were in short supply.

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Ya Allah india me hamary Muslim bhaiyon ki hifazat farma or hidustan sy bhi is waba ka khatma farma Ameen

Author — Junaid Jagranvi


يارب احمي مسلمي الهند وسلمهم من كل وباء وشر

Author — قطوفها دانية


Allah pak magfirat farmya ameen is Mubarak mahina ka sadqa

Author — parisha doll


ہر مسلمان کا فرض ہے ہے کی ہو انسانیت کی خدمت کرے اور انشاءاللہ کر رہا ہے اللہ تعالی ہر انسان کو اس بیماری سے بچا لے لے لے مسلمان ایک خدمت کا نام ہے مسلمان انسانیت کا نام ہے ہمارا نبی رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کا فرمان ہے کے خدمت پر اللہ ملتا ہے

Author — عمرفاروق جان سواتی


Allah bless all of you brother's and sister's

Author — d d


دوستوں یہ ایک نقلی فیک ویڈیو ہے جو ایک نونتنکی والی کمپنی نے بنائی ہے ۔ یہ

Author — Ustad Gujrati


सुहाग रात में मोलवी शाब ने लकनवी अंदाज़ में अपनी दुल्हन से पूछा इजाजत है 😁😁😁
बैगम ने जवाब दिया हमने तो कबी मेरे अबूजान भाईजान चाचाजान फूफीजान काफिर गांव वालो ओर गेरो को भी मना नही किया आप तो फिर भी अपने है
बिस्मिल्ला कीजिए 🐖😎🐖🐗

Author — P.k. ajmer


Bhagwan, Allah, God Sabko is Mushkilo se Nikalne...🙏🙏🙏
OM Shanti..🙏RIP❤️❤️❤️

Author — B K


कोई मुस्लिम विद्वान बतायेगा कि कब्रिस्तान में महिला काो आने की अनुमति होती है ?

Author — Viral Videos


This year we wouldn’t b able to njoy any festival whether Hindu festival or Muslim . Ppl hv lost there loved ones . No happiness of festivals frankly speaking.

Author — Rim Jee


We Are neighbors not enemy`s🇵🇰👬🇮🇳
We Are rivals not opponents
We Are humans
We have pain
Many prayers with indians

Author — Zirwa's Pk


My friend fahad and his 2 family members died off covid

Author — Shreyas Shenoy


This time we should not use this type of hatred messages. All of us are human and in Islam Allah taught us not to hate anyone this is a big sin. First we should beome a good human then a good Muslim or a good Hindu.

Author — dulari begum


Wah modiji wah desh ko samshan aur kabristan pe tabdil kar diya.acche din apne lahi diya.

Author — Avisek Basu


oye bhai come on aab kya ek bhi musalman nahi marega common sence ke baat hai har din kisi na kisi ka bulawa ata he hai aab kya musalman marenga he nahi compared to jo hindu lakho caroro ke tadaad ma tadap tadap ka maar rahe hai

Author — md fareed uddin khan


For Hindus, hospital authorities don't even allow more than 1 or 2 people to see the body.. they take them away and cremate them, many times even ashes are not available.. why are they allowing muslims to take the body and allowing them to bury when there is no space ? Why this discrimination? Cremation is the only solution.. allocating more and more land is not the solution.. pls show some maturity

Author — Rajeev Anand


Science is everything don't praise allah or bhagwan .. if i was dictator of india.. sabhi ke name hote -
Rohan Hindi
Sohan hindi
Naveen hindi
No arabic name and titles should be hindi

Author — Nishant Mishra