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🎈Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs | Dave and Ava 🎈 3.5

It’s #DaveAndAvaTime - check out our new nursery rhymes collection

Dave and Ava bring to life some of the good old nursery rhymes and songs for children you used to sing along when you were kids. If you’ve been brought up with Hickory Dickory Dock or Hey Diddle Diddle rhymes, you’ll surely love these imaginative interpretations. Sing along with us and keep the feedback coming!

Go to your favorite nursery rhyme by selecting a title below:

00:19 Down by the Bay
03:07 Ice Cream Song
05:39 Yankee Doodle
09:10 ABC Song
11:10 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
13:23 One Potato, Two potatoes
15:17 The Farmer in the Dell
18:01 Row Row Row Your Boat
20:40 Hickory Dickory Dock
23:33 Mary Had a Little Lamb
25:55 Hey Diddle Diddle

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Super cool channel guys! 💕💖💝 Happy Easter!

Author — Dodo Lulu COLOR Show


Dave and Ava always make the best kids video 🐰👍

Author — Volt Toys Review


Thanks for great content, guys! You are one of the best channels for kids! Can't get it why someone would dislike your videos!

Author — dkdubes


Great channel! I would also like so many subscribers. But the first steps are so hard.



Hi I have a brother that is in my moms stomach my mom is pregnant ao the doctor said to let the baby listen to nusery rhymes this is the channel that he likes ha always kickes my mo when he heres your vid

Author — Aaron Inno


hi again dave and ava? such fun i have been fun on your videos #DaveAndAva cool

Author — pretty face of mindanao


You guys made such wonderful videos for children and even adults like myself enjoys it too ☺️😘👍💕😍

Author — Tippy Toys n' Fun


The first song where the guy was singing down by the bay, his singing is amazing! There should be more songs with *him* singing instead of the girl.

Author — Romy