Could US F-22 or F-15EX Protect NATO AWACS From Russian Mig-31 Over Black Sea? (WarGames 88) | DCS

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Ukraine-Russia Series:




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I want to see if you can fly a kamikaze drone into a S300 that's fully set up and protected by Shilkas and manpads like I'm told happened to the Russians recently

Author — Sam Cruickshanks


would love to see a 1988 nato vs
soviet air clash with the same era of missiles, early f16, f18, f14 and f15 ...

Author — rob bob


lol i was as surprised as GR when those MiGs opened so aggressively against the f15's, figured they'd crack off a few missiles at the awacs and retreat while taking casualties after killing the awacs but that clubbing was nuts, was also great to finally get an idea of what MiG 31 vs f22 encounters might actually look like

Author — marius behr


I dont think that DCS models L band radar that both the AWAKS and the 31 would have. Although they cant really develop a firing solution with an L band because resolution is too coarse the Awaks operators would immediately know that its a stealth aircraft from the differential radar band returns and probably know its a pack of F22 based on the speed. There is a really good chance that the Mig31 would disengage or loft the missiles and guide them with their L band capacity. If you can get the missiles close enough for the active seeker to work this might be a different story.
I think DCS cant model this as I have described

Author — Timothy Bayliss


Great Video. Considering this is a good scenario of what might happen over Ukraine you might want to consider adding a few E/A-18G Growlers out of Poland to protect the AWACS. The USN has a squadron of Growlers in Poland for electronic counter-measures. I believe the Growlers could help the USAF defeat the R-37Ms long enough for F-15EXs to get the job done.

Author — HornetVFA103


Don't the Rooskies have an intergrated ground radar system?

If a cRaptor is viewed from the side or beneath how big does it appear on radar?



The work this team puts in is incredible! By FAR the best there is with this type of content and nobody is even close! The dedication to realism is top notch and gets better every video..Absolutely love it

Author — Bruschi


Only the Russians would put the words "hyper-sonic" and "Air to air missile" together. Yes Ivan, that will surely be maneuverable.

Author — R I


I wonder which type of scenario could be possible by employing the EFA out of Costanza where these NATO assets are actually deployed.

Author — Frank B


Hey Cap, one of them flat earth dunderheads was going off on the radio yesterday about how it is impossible to measure the curvature of the earth with an airplane. Could you do a demo showing the range at which aircraft at different altitudes become visible to radar station? My bet is plotting these points will result in a very nice curve...

Author — Andrew Franson


Awacs has too much time to organize help in a real life scenario

Author — Boost Junkie


I really love your videos. Always feels like real life missions. Great job guys!

Author — Cucumberblyat


Hey Cap, there are currently 12 Raptors stationed in Poland, more specifically in 32ndTactical Air Base in Lask. They are also training with Polish F-16s as they are transitioning to F-35s.

Author — 44lucas


Random question: Can the AWACS datalink guide the missiles without the F-22 turning their radar on? They'd be a lot stealthier if they just mad dog them out and let the AWACS take the reins (if possible).

Author — Fear TheEllipsis


I think the Axehead is a bit overtuned. They are firing at extreme range and getting a high percentage of hits at those ranges.

Author — djzoodude


the r37 is scary but i think you guys shouldve been flying much more defensively. sitting at angels 40 flying in a straight line isnt the best way to fight hypersonics haha

Author — cryhavoc


So, I had a question based upon a response I saw in Quora that brought an existing tech to my attention. Is there any way to model Pandarra Fog with US Navy vessels? It's literally a smoke screen deployable from US Navy ships that acts as a visual, IR, and radar obscurant. From what I've read, it literally absorbs the radar waves from missile seekers. I imagine it's not 100% or even 75% effective at absorbing all the radar waves, but if employed like the similar IR smoke on tanks, it could cause a missile to break lock if the ships deploy the fog screens when they detect inbound missiles.

Author — Red Rapture


Love the video as always, thanks! And as normal, I'm providing my humble input and comments below.

As of ~11:30 into the video. I can't prove it, but I've always had the impression these missiles are over-modeled (since I first saw them perform in DCS). I think if they were this effective, we'd hear about it a whole lot more. For example, I know the Ukrainian war isn't huge on air-to-air battles, but I've read nothing about this missile besides the recent article stating Mig-31s were shooting them from range across the border. I've read way more about the PL-15 and Chinese missiles in development over the past year which included quotes from US military leadership, so I tend to use that as a general guide. The same goes for hypersonic weapons as another example, where there's a lot of coverage of those out of fear of Russian/Chinese hypersonic capabilities.

However, besides my general speculation on the efficacy of the missile, I believe there's a simpler explanation for the range issue encountered here. I would certainly think any NATO AWACs in the air would be accompanied by a quick reaction force already in the air flying a circuit close by. I don't believe the US or NATO would put one of those valuable strategic assets at risk near a warzone without their own escort close enough to properly defend their AWACs if it did come under threat. From their perspective, even if they are close to the UA border, over the sea, and even west of UA, there certainly isn't a guarantee that Russian forces in the air, in the sea, or from land (long-range missiles) will not attack them, either on purpose or by mistake. On the other hand, I understand why you set the jets out there, as adding a race to the battle area is a fun engagement.

Author — jamison884


The US Air Force (USAF) has deployed 12 F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft to support NATO 's Air Shielding mission in Poland. The deployed aircraft are from the USAF's 90th Fighter Squadron (FS) based at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) in Alaska. This was in Aug I think all 12 are still there. Even with DCS having problems with stealth I still think its a cool game lol.

Author — Wind_Runner


I'd really love to see this sort of scenario with the Eurofighter & Meteor,
I wonder if their RCS is low "enough" that they can make the Meteor shot before getting shot down by the Mig-31s and their long range AAMs?

Author — Michael Wheatley