Viral video: Suspect fleeing RCMP falls through ceiling

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Viral video: Suspect fleeing RCMP falls through ceiling 4.5

Surveillance video captures frantic moments inside convenience store as suspects attempt to flee from police in Spruce Grove, Alberta. CTV's Shanelle Kaul reports.

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he pushed his girlfriend in to the officer and try’s to flee wtff sweetie he don’t love you 😂😂

Author — M. M.


That's so weird. Climbing through the ventilator system ALWAYS works in James Bond movies. lol

Author — Gene Pozniak


Paying more $$$ for the damages just for the $1.39 soda pop?! 🤦‍♀️

Author — Mali Hali


You mean you can't walk on cardboard ceiling tiles?

Author — cannonball666


This is when Britney realized she hit rock bottom. Literally.

Author — Ronnie Jay


He pushed his girlfriend to the cop to escape 😂

Author — Hello People


The way her back hit that metal store shelf killed me 😂😂 she deadass got back up and tried to walk away like that whole explosion of noise didnt just occur 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

Author — Thelonious Vic


Her friends all said that she had a problem of dropping in unexpectedly.

Author — keith johnston


you can almost hear the Looney Tunes theme song playing in the background.

Author — EatsNother


She's lucky she didn't land on that metal edge.

Author — riptorn


Can steal a credit card.

But can't steal a can of pop. 🤔

Author — Jerry Velasco


This is the most Canadian thing ever 😂

Author — Ari


She's strong. Got up and walked normally lol

Author — alien Is here


In her accent she's saying *"FOR" a dollar 39* dummies 0:47

Author — Sociable Netw0rker


She got really lucky with the landing. If she fell in the middle of that rack she could have broke her spine and been paralyzed.

Author — Michael Jay - Value Investing


1:29 I've seen enough police brutality/fatality videos to know that a black dude would not have survived that stunt!

Author — Proper Gander


Its called a drop ceiling for a reason... the irony 👏

Author — Raul Lopez


I came in like a wrecking ball" I never hit so high, low.. and all you want to do is wreeeck me! 😆

Author — the lost rose 12


You guys came for the falling, I’ll add another one for you ;) 1:10

Author — Verzy


really it might be easier just to go out and get a job

Author — dfy goh