polyphonic overtone singing - Anna-Maria Hefele

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overtone singing is a voice technique where it seems like one person sings two notes at the same time. You can sing the overtone scale on one fundamental. Another fundamental has its own overtone scale, so in order to have more overtones to sing nice melodies, you can use different fundamentals and change them while singing.

this video is live, and every human being is capable of learning overtone singing ;)

Thanks for showing respect to the creative artist of your choice!!!

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not only her ability to do this, but to CONTROL it how she does is extraterrestrial.

Author — kayl


Sounds like she has eaten a flute.
Amazing voice!!

Author — alleycat19897


So it’s basically doing Throat Singing and Whistle Voice at the same time and manually controlling them individually and simultaneously? I say basically but holy shit, this is otherworldly amazing.

Author — drfdwf


The double sound, and the ingenuity of humans, the fact that this tonal duality may be older than modern ideas of instrumentation... cool stuff. Thanks.

Author — S Griffin


The way you sing and move your hands is very similar to a Theremin player, except your voice is the instrument. Very fascinating, thank you for sharing this amazing talent.

Author — Jaw Harping w/ Milo


Many people struggle to harmonize with others. Meanwhile, this lady harmonizes with herself.

Seriously though. That’s mad talent.

Author — LEFT4BASS


Ich finde es großartig, wie Sie mit Ihrer Stimme umgehen können. Naturtöne zu erzeugen ist sehr archaisch und faszinierend. Vielen Dank dafür 👍🎶♥️

Author — Birgit Rehse


The "Chasing Tails" webtoon brought me here.
I'm very curious what it is.
Now, I'm afraid what sound/s can really do to anybody.
This woman give me chills to my spine. 😱

Author — Allan De Guzman


Wow, she has a musical instrument in her throat, the way she manages her voice is just awesome.

Author — Kuber Star


As someone who has been singing professionally all of my life, I’m so envious of this lady. I can do it on my guitar, but I struggle vocally. This is so amazing.

Author — Delilah Rainelle


Now, if she stared beatboxing at the same time, she would be a one woman a capella group

Author — The Comprehension Hub


The second overtone sounds so much like someone playing the Ehru, it's so incredible and fantastic.

Author — Ren_UI


WOOHOO. Very professional! This is so hard to learn. The hands help to visualize the two tones that one has to think about at the same time. (It's tricky to shape your vocal cords and mouth roof at the same time.) Actually using overtone singing (which is "infinite limit" just intonation) for 12 TET songs is like putting a huge tree into a flowerpot. I like overtone singing on it's own much more than using it to demonstrate 12 TET tunes. Thank you much for that super accurate video. Got the goosebumps.

Author — Richard Schmassmann


It sounds so much more soulful in a monochrome setting!
So much that we hear the music shining colorfully.

Author — Multi Verse - UFO


I never even imagined that a human being could even think to sing like that. AMAZING WOMAN 😍

Author — Louis Romero jr


Sounds like she’s whistling and singing at the same time. How the heck do you do this?

Author — z


Maravilhosa. Adorei.
Estou louca para aprender.

Author — Adriana santos


Just when you thought you'd heard everything human vocal chords had to offer!

Author — Onkarnath Shetty


Amazing how precise that overtone changing is while the fundamental note stays and also the other way around wow. Amazing voice control

Author — slow flow


Moving the overtone and fundamental in opposite directions is so incredible!

Author — Joanna Renee Fassl