The Most Disrespectful/Savages Celebrity Audience Reactions Ever

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The Most Disrespectful/Savages Celebrity Audience Reactions Ever 4.5
The Most Disrespectful/Savages Celebrity Audience Reactions Ever
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Thank god im not a celebrity...i cant even control my facial expressions during long af wedding speeches...

Автор — Krissy S


Justin Timberlake did literally nothing, how is that disrespectful?

Автор — Jadon Harper


They should have added all the basket ball players laughing during fergie trynna sing the national anthem lol

Автор — Wendolyn Alanis


Don’t take me to an award show I can’t control my facial expressions

Автор — CurtJay Leee13


Celebrity: **Looks in another direction for a split second during someone performing**
Apparently: SavaGE!! diSrESPECTfuL!

Автор — Hwan Gaeul


Ariana isn’t being rude she just can’t see lmao

Автор — Sharon Jose


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Автор — nic


1:08: Beyonce be like: Oh shit thank you but why you gotta bring me into this mess

Автор — Washmi Wijeratne


Nicki congradufuckinglations, priceless

Автор — Carlos Michel


Half of these r include Taylor... The hate she recieves for just being successful

Автор — Amogha Varsha


Justin looked like he was about to cry

Автор — Mya Parson


I am a huge celebrity in my imaginary world

Edit: OMG 100+ likes. Got the celebrity feeling for a While 😂

Автор — JK Hacking N Gaming


Most of these aren't even disrespectful at all.

Автор — Viggo Macintosh


DiCaprio's and Tarantino's parts were the best 😂

Автор — The Hh


I feel bad for celebrities.
They don’t necessarily want to be there, they might be sick, and they might be tired.
If they look away from a performance for one second, aren’t constantly smiling, or talk to someone beside them, it’s all disrespectful.

Автор — Alyssa


I don’t think they need to smile 24/7 to look like they were enjoying it.

Автор — Sarah Dunn


God this Hollywood industry is cringe.

Автор — BengalsWillBeGoodOneDay


Both the Justin's looked like they were going to cry

Автор — Sarah Tomlinson


Rihanna reactions were my favorite. And that drake clap lmao

Автор — kingzflames



Media: “So disrespectful for a celebrity to look away or have a blank expression at an awards ceremony”

Автор — Angel Rae