10 Most Wanted Lost Objects In The World!

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10 Most Wanted Lost Objects In The World! 5
The world is full of incredible objects, many of which date back hundreds, thousands and even millions of years. Some of these treasures are now missing, leaving the next chapter of their fascinating stories unwritten. From a sacred cup believed to have once held the blood of Jesus Christ to the most ostentatious Easter eggs of all time, here are ten of the most wanted lost objects in the world!

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I'm sure my mom can find any of these.

Author — Zwei Drei


I cant take that constipated narrator voice.

Author — E Cannon


I can confirm that England has all of these stolen items

Author — Renaomd Lall


I got the holy Grail

Pawn stars : I'll give 5 bucks for that

Author — being briyan


I'm sure there are some billionaire Russian oligarchs with a room full of Faberge eggs

Author — Karen From Finasse


I bet the Samurai sword is in somebody's basement collecting dust .!

Author — Jennifer Jennings


Why do these people sound like used cars salesmen on TV?

Author — ChuckMarteau


The Holy Grail is the sacred DNA of Jesus. I believe is has been found and then hidden as it was not White European. After all Jesus came from the deserts of Israel. All insider dealing.

Author — Iggy Barrato


So yeah.... guess I’m going diamond hunting to pay student loans

Author — RipleyNostrom86


“The 10 commandments” I immediately thought of the seven deadly sins

Author — Channy Chu


I think the best idea for the Holy Grail is that it is the cup of a carpenter, made of wood as depicted in the Indiana Jones movie, not the opulent goblets we see here..

Author — Alex Varley


You learn something everyday. I didn't know Geologists study fossils.

Author — Bryan Adams


3:13 that guy is amazing.... hehehehhe.. The original Super Man....

Author — Junsly Kitay


I wanna pull a mission impossible thing where I get someones Faberge egg and fill it with actual egg yolk.

Author — Haroon Abassi


there have been a couple larger yellow diamonds found in canada. diamonds aren't rare or valuable at all, but colored ones are.

Author — uchibenkei


Holy cow, take that tennis ball out of your mouth before recording, are you speaking or chewing on something?

Author — Burning Cloud


i have seen so much stuff thrown away, can you imagine how many " treasures" have found their way to the dump and destroyed without knowledge. i mean a Fabergé egg was found here in U.S. at a Flea market.... its insane.

Author — Brian The Incredible


The Faberge eggs are at veronica lodges' apartment! #riverdale

Author — Nathan Hackett


I had one too, as a gift from my granny when I was 7. It was made of chocolate and had a surprise inside too.

Author — Darth Nox


obviously, you've got a list. i've got a bank account. A Billion dollars and we'll find them all.