Lems Boulder Boot Review: Is this our new favorite boot?

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In this video, I give you my honest Lems Boulder Boot Review and tell you why it's not for everyone... but why it's probably still right for you.

The Boulder Boot is a really popular boot with people who do some outdoor activities like hiking or even just walking around outside. People love how incredibly lightweight the boot is - ONLY 9 OUNCES (that's less than a tiny hampster... trust me, I looked it up) - and it's incredibly comfortable. But there are some trade-offs. The main complaint many people have about this boot the sole. In our Boulder Boot Review, we'll reveal how we use the Lems Boot, who it is for... and who it's not for. You might be surprised.

Highlights Include:
0:00 - Intro
0:20 - How I came across the Lems Boulder Boot
1:28 - The Lems Story
1:50 - Not all Lems are "normal"
2:15 - Who the Boulder Boot is for
2:56 - Who the Boulder Boot is NOT for
3:25 - How comfortable is the Lems Boulder Boot?
3:33 - How it compares to the Chippewa Chukka
3:57 - How light is the Lems Boulder Boot?
4:34 - Boulder Boot Review: The Function
5:20 - The look of the Boulder Boot
6:26 - Boulder Boot Styles
7:15 - Lems Boulder Boot Review: The Final Verdict

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The barefoot and minimalist market is crazy. There are a ton of options. Lems are my favorites, but I also own Xero, Feelgrounds, Bohempia, and Vivobarefoot

Author — Josh Schneider


Lems just came out with a version of the boulder boots for the more hardcore hiker called the boulder summit I looking to order those as I love the outdoors and like to hike every chance I get

Author — Ben Morris


The trailhead x Huckberry is a great lookin shoe, and I’m not a mother.

Author — Jonathan Grandt


I fell for Lems advertising, i thought lems would have solved my problem for wide toe box footwear and was sadly mistaken. Proper fit in length, but my foot felt squished in width.
Tried the primal 2 and there was weird feeling like something stuck on sole under my metatarsals and felt uneven on a flat surface. The shoe was still stretched out to max...wouldnt last long.
Guess ill just have to stick with moccasins.

Author — Willy Wantoknow


i don't think the wide toe box is that ugly. even if i thought it made the lem's fugly i'd still buy em' for the health benefit. long term foot health is a must in any business.

Author — Freddy Cap


I own a pair of Xero Prio and BearFoot Ursus HT. And. Doing everything in them. From every day stuff to working out. I will never go back to regular shoes again. Minimalist/barefoot shoes are just so comfortable and natural feeling, i no longer have aches and pains anywhere on my legs or back. And… These look like my next pair. Can’t wait

Author — Anibal González Núñez


I recently switched from Salomon's to Altra's (Superior 4, 5) for my hiking - zero drop/wide toebox and I'm blown away by them. After days of hiking I have no pain, just normal ache thats evenly spread around the foot and subsides with a nights rest. No pain in my knees or back or in sore "spots" like before. Total convert on this design! Thanks for the video, these will be my off-trail shoe this winter.

Author — TRUEiMPROrecords


I could do with more big toe space – and based on Lems own diagram, honestly, I'd say a lot of us could, it's just we're conditioned not to use 'the thumb of the foot' in its truly optimal, fully splayed-out state. But other than that, I'm very glad of my Boulder Boots. I only wear minimalist shoes, but these have enough sole to support my foot when cycling. At the same time, for light hikes like the one I did on sand and pebbles today, they provide a great synthesis of comfort and ground feel. Not very grippy, though, and I did miss that on my last hike where I had to do more walking up and down hills.

Author — John Moseley


How's the sizing? Do they run big or small?

Author — gt72


Great review. Would you recommend these boots for rucking? Thank you

Author — Michael Iban


Useful information. Could you find a place to film where no one is playing the guitar?

Author — Louis Miller


Would these be good for a trade worker that walks an average of 4 miles a day?

Author — Totes Magotes


Is your foot on the wider side? I am tempted to try these but I have a super wide foot. Thanks.

Author — Mama Bear


this music drives me insane, cool review but that music is just noisy

Author — poop


Hear ya better without the damn music, jeez.

Author — Dan Van Hoose