How Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Could Return to Realism

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How Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Could Return to Realism 4.5

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I swear, players have better developing minds than actual game developers.

Author — Leo teh Lion


I actually enjoy the arcade-y elements of the later Ghost Recon games. But I am a console player and really wish we could get something closer to a Arma style game.



Dev: Hey guys your gonna love our new Super Realistic Military Shooter.
*Adds heavily armored robots with glowing weak spots*

Author — Phoenix


They added bullet sponge drones because Ubi can’t program decent AI to save their lives

Author — Jack Wilhite


Breakpoint just looks like a mix between ghost recon wildlands and the division 2

Author — Munker


ah the good old desert tech hti it can kill a chopper in 1 shot but it cant pass through a car door or them metal rods on the unidad sniper towers

Author — Julian Eder



Left: *Operator*

Right: *Telephone operator who plays airsoft on weekends*

Author — NJOverclocked


I wish a hardcore millsim would come to console, or at least something like Squad.

Btw, they should hire you Drewski - All the points you bring, would be something I would enjoy.



Idk why but this video completely killed my hype for breakpoint

Edit: now that the beta is out I can confirm drew was right.

Author — Matthew


It seems way to futuristic and modern. I liked the more dirty setting of boliva

Author — SundaeGaming949


The hype for this game was so high for so many of us. And the beta just killed it.
Bye ghost recon, see you in few years

Author — fr0zeNstriKe


2019, but the genuine Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon from 2001 is still unmatched today, same goes for the genuine Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

Author — OCDemonetized


I dont think Ubisoft want more realism, the idea is 4 super soldiers destroying everyone.
Wildlands sell very well to Ubisoft know that was a good formula, what really give me on my nerves is... loot shooter, srlys, we already have The Division, from who is the brilhant idea we need one more.

Author — Ayurai


They should have maybe stick to arcade in the division and push milsim in Ghost recon.
I can't agree more with Drew. He nailed his critic perfectly.

Author — thibaut pey


It annoys me how Ubisoft insists on pushing RPG mechanics in all of their games now in the hopes of monetization.

Author — Emanouche


At the moment I am more hyped for cod mw as a tactical shooter than for breakpoint. That's so sad

Author — Rockie 121


This video is too true and it's depressing that ubisoft won't do anything like this for the next game even though so many people want it

Author — DXRXD


the devs of breakpoint should watch this video, it could definitely help the game if they listen because this guy speaks for all of us

Author — M1ntys r6


And has anyone else noticed that first person games offer more character customization. Like you cant even see you dude😂

Author — Mekhi Alexander


6:13 I also wouldn't feel like a special operations soldier with aim like this

Author — CarrotSoup