Aprilia RSV4 RR Top Speed 320 km/h

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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I've done 203mph on my rsv4 rr 16 with a race ecu and slip on and still keeps pulling. Those new 17+ even faster 👌🔥

Author — Rugged357


Was the front tire on the ground, or off?

Author — M. T.


Hätte nicht gedacht dass der tacho über 299 geht und wie heftig is dir der stift gegangen ^^?

Author — Pascal H.


Hi mate, would it be ok if I use this video in my new compilation? I'll credit you in the description and add a link to your video. Thanks



Big balls. I think my mind would stop me before

Author — Roger Craig


Ist die RR oder die 1100 factory ?? Krankes Ding btw👍👌🔥🔥

Author — Leonard Sahiti


Just trust me these chutiya things wont work.. we atleast got idea of how the surrounding passes when u hit 320

Author — Bitan Roy


what size is your rear tire? 190/55/17. 200/55/17?

Author — Vic S1RR


Hi! Can I use your video for my new compilation? All credits will be given!

Author — FSB MotoCompilation


What has been done to this bike? Stock or ? Goes well

Author — hoslyr86bass


every motorcycle manufacturer: speedometer tops out at 299

aprilia: hehe speed go

Author — MaLa


Woher bekommt man die 299km/h Aufhebung ?

Author — Vincent Becker


2019 rsv4rr, when I redline 6th it bounces off limiter and cuts off engine for a second, boots me down to 179 and does it again once I redline 6th gear. Why isn’t mine a steady consistent 185?

Author — losfantasticossalon


Wie hast du das gemacht das kein Knacksen aufgenommen wird? Jedes mal wenn ich über 100 fahre ist die Audio Datei dann kaputt durch das starke knacksen.. ich nutze eine Gopro 7 black mit einen externen Mikrofon..Danke für die Antwort

Author — Brasi


Questionable in real world terms. Im thinking that either the bike is far form stock with a high output race engine, or perhaps the rider is the size of Danny Perosa (less weight and drag), or the speedo is telling big lies. The speed shown on the speedo is not a GPS speed. The GPS speed will be below 300kph.

Author — Darryn Waugh


Ganz schön mutig bei 290 mal so eben den Kopf hoch halten und die Winddruckbremse nutzen...

Author — Hans Jürgen Heinemann