Discogs Saved My Life

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Fields I forgot to mention were ; Colored Vinyl, Location in collection and the "number" of limited edition recordings. What do you use that's that mentioned here ?

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It's a lot of work, for sure!
"..I am a two finger typist...", that was funny! 😋

Author — MrVinylObsessive


Hey there Richard. I've been cataloging my collection on Discogs for a couple of years now, but I sometimes their rules & regs are a bit too restrictive - such as if you know a musician filled a certain role on an album (guitarist, for example), but the printed credits don't reflect the instrument, the "community" will ding you with an incorrect vote. Enough of those, you're out. So to augment Discogs, which I use primarily to check while mobile to avoid repeat purchases, I use a program called OrangeCD Catalog. It says "CD" in the title because it originated pre-vinyl resurgence, but it certainly handles any bit of info related to vinyl (and all music in general). There are way more data fields than I need, but it covers all my bases. Unfortunately, my collection still doesn't look quite like that final pic, but I'm ever hopeful!

Author — Dave Knoch


Thanks for telling me about Discogs, fantastic way to organise collection,

Author — Stephen Scott


I love discogs. It's cool that after you catalog everything, you can download an excel spreadsheet of your collection.

Author — Vince Guaraldi


Hi, Richard!

I've been a Discogs user for a long time and I love it! It would be nice to see what kind of custom fields you have added on your catalogue.

Author — TheVinylCorner


I need to start putting all of my stuff in Discogs. Got to listen to Lynn today. I am very impressed. Sonically, this is how all albums should be made!

Author — BarakaPDub


Hi Richard, I'm a bit lazy - I do use Discogs to catalog my records. I just use Artist Title pressing and whether it's been cleaned. It's great, thank goodness for Discogs. The ending made me laugh!

Author — Wax Reliquary


Hi Richard. I just found your channel from Barakapdub. I also use Discogs a lot. Although it's still taking me some time to put all my collection there. I tend to procrastinate but eventually I will get there. Cool video. Take care.

Author — The Vinyl Potato


Just started using Discogs myself. It is quite convenient as long as the album you got is on there and you don't have to start a page for it.

Author — Jimmy M


you are really a funny, entertaining guy 👈😂

Author — Jennifer Zenner


There are rarely and decent $1 bin titles since Goodwill has it's regulars that hang around the store buying all kinds of stuff. Who wants to hang around Goodwill for hours to wait for vinyl to be put out.

Author — RickKTor62


Discogs is definitely the way Id go if I cataloged my records - but I dont. I basically remember all my records and I do enough database entries at work that I dont want to at home. Having said that, all my dvds are cataloged and I certainly forget what I have in my movie collection....

Author — dixielandfarm


I want to try ordering from Discogs for some Cassettes, but im always nervous buying from another country.

Author — Cuitláhuac


Very nice.video. I've got to get better at cataloguing, some nice helpful information here. Starting from scratch is very intimidating when one has thousands but got to get to it

Author — Nazz Nomad


I use both Discogs and a spreadsheet; the spreadsheet also helps me keep track of what I have on order. I've thought about making a FileMaker database so I can use images as well. The nice thing about Discogs is that I can use their app on my phone when I'm at a store so I don't mistakenly buy something I already own. Great video!

Cheers, Tom

Author — High Rant District


Thanks for subscribing to my channel. By subscribing to my channel it introduced me to your great channel and I subscribed to. Keep up the great work.

Author — Golden VinylSpin Café


Hey Richard, just subbed to your channel. I used to be a librarian and your File Maker Pro option >> now switched to Discogs is top notch! The more details, the better. :) I use a program called Music Collector and really like it; but didn't realize you can add columns to Discogs. Hmmm, might need to give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion. -Brad

Author — H2Vinyl


I realize that your already using discogs, but I found Collectorz answers all my needs. Everyone should catalog their collection, whatever they use.

Author — Rock and Roll Derelict


I found Discogs by accident a few years ago when I wanted to catalogue my vinyl. It was a job that needed doing and using a spreadsheet or the like would be a ton of typing, so I kept putting it off. Until I used Music Magpie to sell some old CDs and DVDs and they had a barcode scanner app to ease the pain, so I decided to search and found Discogs had the same thing. Within an hour I'd been able to catalogue 99% of my collection, with just a small handful having no barcodes. All but two of them I was able to locate using the search function. And now I have a whizzy list of all my vinyl, complete with the option to describe the quality and - very usefully for insurance purposes - a resell value! I've got a few discs in my collection worth hundreds, apparently!

Author — leopold


just use open office, you forgot alot of info the bpm and running times on records

Author — rigomortisfxstudios