Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming (correct lyrics)

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Interesting note: the background samples of terrified screams are from the movie 'Robot Jox.' (1989)

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This song is about becoming the antithesis of everything you ever wanted to be. Self destructive chaos; good intentions but conflicting actions. If you have ever unraveled or hit that kind of low, you'll relate to it well.

Author — Chiguy44


I love the small interlude where an acoustic guitar plays. It’s like that “me you know” is back for a moment and is begging to be saved before he’s violently ripped away by his new self

Author — Lady Lavender


For me, it is totally a direct reflection of my perception on battles with addiction and the constant work required to live the solution.There is no point of sadness at all in this song for me as sadness comes only from within ones self. And there is a solution. Drug and alcohol use was a side effect of my unsettled twisted conflicting perceptions and the darkness that was my existence. Trent is the real deal, and that's why I love him and all his work.

Author — Cheery Eric


THE greatest Nine Inch Nails song EVER!!!

Author — Andrew Current


One of my favorite NIN tracks. So musically diverse with a crazy rhythm count and brilliant lyrics.

Author — No Comment


The song is about becoming numb and unfeeling like a machine. Its a common occurrence for those with depression.

Author — Gary Blackwell


This song reminds me of the horror of my heroin addiction and how it completely took over the real me and my every action and though afterwards. It speaks to me so very LOUD!

Author — Rennie Kontak


wow! What beautiful noise he has in his head. this is such an awesome song. Sometimes dying is the most beautiful thing, somtimes living is the most ugly thing but to be not be afraid takes a lot of courage! very cool lyrics! love Trent R he's awesome- i really relate to his lyrics, , and i've suffered most life, and recovered from being a human garbage full of poison! so yes i think he gets it and he rocks!

Author — lynn Flynn


I always thought this song was about complete hopelessness, and symbolizing the world or life in general as a type of monster that just kept knocking you down twisting you until you became cold and monstrous. I saw no recovery in it. Just the power that comes from giving up

Author — Aiden Arrows


this is my favorite song of all time... not my favorite song by nine inch nails, but my favorite song ever

Author — sevzen


This song is about grilled cheese sandwiches.

Author — franzfranz


When I feel my life going through changes this song always goes on loop in my

Author — KuroiHato69


No, it's not sad at all. He turns his negative emotions about the world into amazing songs, which in turn are able to help and connect to others. It's not sad, it's beautiful.

Author — Neramix


Hardening your heart against the world is so lonely, sad, and a betrayal to your very being, but at the same time cathartic when you can just tell the world to piss off.

Author — Mekon Headed Freak


Everytime I hear another of Trents songs it's like I wrote it myself- During this time in my 'life- Thank you so much for this

Author — You Need People Like Me


I'm pretty sure this song is about bipolar ii disorder. Reznor allegedly has it. "It won't give up it wants me dead; the goddamn noise in side of me" is classic bipolar depression. Your mind completely turns on you to self-destruct. Literally egging you on to commit suicide. It's the most lethal mental illness and the number one killer of 15-24 year olds. Artists with a distinctly dark, emotionally complex side, tortured by suicidal ideation tend to have it (i.e. Kurt Cobain, Poe).

Author — Shadow1980ify


While I love the themes of this song, I am IN LOVE with the mechanical sounds that play in the grand piano riff. Those kinds of noises are the influence in my dream to go into Sound Engineering because I can imagine making those kinds of sounds would be really fun to do

Author — pookie


The Goddamn noise that remains is the infirmity of fear, hate, anger, loathing and greed in the collective unconscious that a sensitive soul is aware of. 

Author — Kathyayini Yogamayi


This song is about his spiral into addiction, and how it's completely consumed him at this point... the last remnants of his humanity is trying to fight back but it is lost against the pain and rage that has fueled his addiction and it has consumed him completely...

How do I know? I felt it, I lived it. His addiction has consumed all that was left of him being human and now he is only wired to serve the relief that he puts into his body. The noise in his ears is the call of addiction telling him he will be ok as long as he submits to its will. But, he hears the call too clear, and succumbs to it. The soft parts are his normal self trying to break through but it doesn't work...

The noise in his head that wants him dead is his full addiction... it will never rest until it has taken him over completely and if that means his death so be it.

I relate to this so well... my addiction has led me to this dark place and I know it all too well.

Author — Michael Layton


I love Trent Reznor ... NO he's NO God ... NO he's certainly NO devil ... He is just a man who has been hurt and found solace in pain ... And power in negativity ... A TRUE master at using life's "lemons" to make the BEST goddamned "lemonade" I've EVER tasted ....

Author — Frank Moser