DMC1 actually has GREAT COMBOS

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Playing DMC1 in 2021, let's go!

Recently, serpentiem made a big update on DDMK mod for DMC1, so I took this as the best opportunity to jump in and play some DMC1!

It has weapon switching, Sparda Full Power, "reset motion" (a feature to cancel moves), aswell as a training mode, arcade, boss rush... well, you get the idea. Pretty cool overall.

I think the last room against frosts was sick, only the big charged punch didn't connect at the end :/

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The first Devil May Cry is still my favorite game in the series. I remember back when I first played it the year it was released. I was 11 years old and I had just undergone surgery to remove a tumor from my leg which unfortunately didn't take because it grew back a year later. I was out with my mother and my middle brother doing some Christmas shopping and my brother asked to be dropped off at one of our friends house who lived just down the street from us. About a two minute walk from my house.

I asked if I could be dropped off as well but my mother was nervous because I was still recovering from the surgery. My brother told her that he'd keep an eye on me and call her when we were ready to come home so I wouldn't have to walk back. When we got to my friends house many of our other friends were already there as they usually were. I was hanging out with them like usual but then something strange happened. I was gripped by a deep sadness. I had been experiencing depression for most of my life but I never really realized it up until that point. I think maybe the pain I was in recovering from surgery made me start thinking about myself more. All I know is I really didn't want to stay there so I decided to quietly slip out the front door and walk back home.

The problem was other than the fact that I just had my leg cut open a few weeks before was the fact that there had been a winter storm and the ground was covered in ice. I don't know if it actually took an hour to get back to my house but it certainly felt like it. It was the most physically challenging thing I've ever done in my life. Trying to walk back while constantly slipping on the ice. But strangely in a way it felt right. I can't really describe it but it made the sadness seem less oppressive.

When I walked through my front door my mother and older brother were shocked to see me. At first my mother was furious with my middle brother for not keeping an eye on me but I ensured her that it wasn't his fault. She eventually calm down and I sat in the living room just trying to get a handle on the pain. But my older brother knew that there was something else wrong. He went down the hall into his room and got his PlayStation 2 and brought it out into the living room with a copy of Devil May Cry.

My mother noticed that I was playing it a lot so she got me my own PlayStation 2 and my brother gave me the copy of Devil May Cry. I got completely absorbed into it. Being in a tremendous amount of pain and just beginning to understand that I was depressed slipping into the shoes of a demon mercenary was just what I needed.

Incidentally at around this time was also the first time I watched The Goonies. My mother brought it home because I had never seen it and she thought it would help take my mind off the pain. To this day I can't play the first Devil May Cry without also watching The Goonies as well as the other way around.

Author — Brandon Powell


Now for the greatest challenge of all time. This will prove your legendary status.

*Make a DMC2 combo video*

Author — MasterJunior93


Real time weapon switching (or instant weapon switching at least, technically you could switch Alastor and Ifrit but it was slow as shit) in DMC1 is a dream come true.

Author — Comkill117


Devil may cry 1 heavy hitting and canceling combos are SO TASTY you just have to make a play through with this style

Author — AkiraHer


So glad that ddmk now has dmc1 features. Weapon switch was a must.

Author — Jonathan Rivera


The older DDMK version is more flexible, as this one reset player motion every time Devil Arms are switched.
But I think it's gonna be great after a couple more releases. I was planning on releasing a DMC 1 combo mad last week, but I got a lot of stuff to do and had to postpone it. There is some techs you can learn in this game as time goes on. Keep going, mate. 😎

Author — Dante Black


I found it weird that there are only 2 weapons you can switch to without opening up the menu, you’d think they’d be 3 weapons

Author — Some Sandman


DMC2 also has good melee combos (melee+shotgun/pistol combos are my favorite in that game) but unfortunetaly there's a lack of different weapons and..well, well-placed enemies

Author — Kierbee [MineWizTV]


It's a shame the gun switcher function just crashes the game, would love to be able to change guns on the spot.

Edit: I'm not sure why, but Devil Trigger is completely broken for me. It won't turn on whatsoever.

Author — Shad0wReaper133


This weapon switch is not Vanilla’s one
I wish I could use it

Author — Visions of a Lost Horizon


Eso es puro estilo, y más en el DMC 1

Author — Devil May Cry


this is the first time that a see an Combo Mad in DMC1, really amazing.

Author — L Alonne


This game may not have the combat mechanics. But God damn is it gorgeous! The sequence at 1:10 and when Dante stops in the air with the moon--too good!

Author — CG A3


DMC1 is the best overall entry in the series and ill always say it. At least from a purely game design perspective.

Author — ZazMan117


If nelo was a dmc player when this came out back on ps2 in 2001 and sent this video to capcom he would have been on the dmc2 team and fixed it and improved the series more

Author — DEVILEN


It would be real interesting to see how Capcom now could re-make the first two games, to better fit with 3 and beyond's gameplay style.

Man, how irritated were you when the last hit didn't connect with the Frost? That would've been a great ending but, nope. I think Frosts just hate you, heh.

You gonna make more DMC1 videos, Nelo? This was pretty entertaining.

Author — ZerothMask


Hey nelo did you got the ranged weapon switching work? mine seems to crash everytime I switch weapons between combat

Author — Gorillaisdork


Can you make a vid like this for DMC2 all 3 characters are kinda underrated

Author — Chandler Carrier


it`s the normal "weapon switch" ? or is a mod? i don`t remember you can change that fast between irfrit and alastor

Author — Maverick Lovy


how are you switching weapons so quickly?

Author — Jakin Luk