Injustice: Gods Among Us - Opening Cinematic

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

Would Superman ever kill the Joker? How would Batman react? Find out in the opening cinematic to Injusitce: Gods Among Us.

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Joker won even in death. While the world lost its greatest hero, it gained a villain even worse than the Joker.

Author — Tissan Young


"Madness is like gravity, all it take is a little...push."

Author — nativewood


This version of Superman saved countless people by killing the Joker. The problem is, he didn't know how to STOP killing.

Author — DenisK21


That laughter while getting his guts ripped out is so Joker

Author — King Awesomenator


The Joker's scream gives me freaking chills....



Joker laughed because he did the next best thing from killing Batman: he turned Superman insane like him.

Author — RandomMindz


This is the main reason why I quit being a Superman hater.

When you see how much self-control he has to deal it, a being with the power to conquer or destroy entire planets, and still choosing not to give in. I came to appreciate, and even admire him, not by his powers, but by his morals.

The people of the whole DC Universe have to be thankful for the fact that Superman isn't evil (yet), for if he was, there's no one in the universe who could stop him. I mean, sure, physically he's pretty much invulnerable, which is probably the reason why people dislike, BUT his mind isn't.
And that mind could be broken, just like we see here. And if it was, may God have mercy on the entire world.

The man of Steel lives in a world of cardboard who's constantly trying to break him, and still he tries to save it.

...For now.

Author — Spookhy


All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.

Author — bathory17


Batman: The nuke where did u get it?
Joker: what, you want one? Copybat
Best comeback ever. haha

Author — Barrack Bananas


DC just knows how to get the chills running. Best intro ever

Author — The Auditor


I just want this to happen in live-action already!

Author — Selina Quintanilla



“What, you want one?”

Author — Sergio Zuniga


*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT based on the Injustice Comics:*
The Joker killed Jimmy Olsen by shooting him in the eye, then he kidnapped Lois Lane, then he placed a chip connected to a nuclear device inside the heart of Lois Lane, then he placed that nuclear device right smack in the middle of Metropolis, then he combined Kryptonite and Scarecrow's fear gas to drug Superman into thinking that Lois Lane is Doomsday... Now that nuclear bomb he planted will be set-off in the event that Lois Lane's heart stopped beating. So long story short, Superman grabbed Lois thinking that she is in fact the terrible Doomsday. Superman flew Lois right into the unforgiving environment of space killing her due to the lack of oxygen cause that's what he did when he faced Doomsday before. Superman only came to when he heard the beating of two hearts... one of Lois and the other of his son. This event of course sets-off the nuclear bomb killing millions of Metropolis citizens that Superman has worked so hard to protect. Yeah Superman might have killed The Joker, but let's face it, The Joker also killed what Superman is all about. Now the only "REASON" The Joker did this was that he was tired of always losing to the Batman and that he wanted to win for a change. So he picked "EASY MODE" and that mode is Superman.

Author — Bang Shishigami


If only this were an actual movie instead, in live action. The first 10 minutes would make it the darkest superhero flick of all time. 

Author — EnterTheKyuubi


That's how it Started. The Fever, the Rage, that turned a good man....Cruel

Author — Ace The Skylord


Criminals are like weeds, pull one out and another grows.

Author — Mister Weiner


the joker won, he killed millions, drove superman over the edge, started a war between heroes that would cause chaos for years to come and finally got a superhero to cross that line and kill him. he died with a smile for a reason. his last thoughts were *'this is turning out better than i hoped'*

Author — James Raven


People are always blaming batman for letting Joker loose all the time, but what the hell is the government doing? Even in our reality there is no government in the world that would let a psychopath murder THAT many people and just send him back to some asylum. He would've been executed by at LEAST the 4th time.

Author — cJinL


why didn't Superman just turn back time by flying around the Earth :P

Author — Dominic


You really can't blame superman for killing joker he made sups kill Lois his unborn son and millions of others had it been any of us we would've done the same thing!

Author — Joe Stalnaker Jr