NSW Trainlink XPLORER - Newcastle to Tamworth (review)

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Join me for a trip to Tamworth on the Trainlink (formerly Countrylink) Xplorer, featuring commentary along the way.

0:00 Intro
0:31 Broadmeadow Station
0:51 Interburban Train
2:00 Xplorer Arrives
4:01 Footrest and Overhead Light
4:30 Top Speed
4:40 Maitland
5:23 Singleton
5:50 Buffet/Menu
7:10 Crossing Other Xplorer
7:29 Muswellbrook
8:14 Lavatory
9:08 Scone
10:30 Beautiful Scenery
13:00 Bank Engines and Bus
13:32 Quirindi
15:26 Werris Creek
17:40 Arrival into Tamworth

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Nice video, saw your post on one of the FB groups, minor correction, all of the Xplorer carriages are power cars including the EB intermediate carriages, i.e. each carriage would have an engine. Yes I do agree first class is only slightly better, also with better recline (especially great if no one is sitting behind you) and usually with less crying babies. I went on it a few years ago and there’s sometimes a bit of squeakiness coming from between the carriages (not sure what it’s called exactly), quite horrible on some of the sets, it just kept on squeaking the whole way.

Author — Dean L


The Xplorer train you were on was a 5 car set (3 cars+2 cars), the Armidale Xplorer consists of Car A (first class), Car B (Economy) and Car D (Economy) and the Moree Xplorer consists of Car E (first class) and Car F (Economy)

Author — Tamworth Train Nut


Nice vid mate! I’m not a fan of the morning commute but this is soothing 👌

Author — Michael Rubio