Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Caught Kissing! Dating Rumors

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Caught Kissing! Dating Rumors 4.5
The video of them kissing kind of left me shook. Leave your opinion in the comments. Do you ship them, or just think it’s for publicity?


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Camila was looking STRAIGHT into the camera in a lot of the photos 💀It’s for publicity guys, they want people to take videos and pictures of them to promote their new song.

Author — aexotiic


the video of them “kissing” gave me second hand embarrassment

Author — veronica m


“They kiss like mike and el” 2:52

AND I- 💀

Author — silversoulss


Idc if their dating their cute together. But the fact that they say their not dating and doing all this, bothers me.

Author — Stephanie Thongbangbay


That kiss looked very umm.... exaggerated? Idk how to explain it 💀

Author — iijh


Shawn looks like he was waiting for a signal from someone to start kissing Camila, it's a publicity stunt

Author — Zoe Lawrence


I kinda feel bad, they deserve privacy. But I like keeping up with them at the same time

Author — aunt jemima' syrup


It’s weird bc she looked directly in the cameras in most of the pictures so idk what to say but she knows what she is doing🙄

Author — Janyah Driver


*my theory:*
they realized they had feelings for each other and their management is just making a bunch of publicity from their relationship. i mean for them this isn't PR because they went to a dinner at 4:00 IN THE MOrNing and Camila was trying to stay hidden. also they've written songs about each other, if it was PR Shawn wouldn't have brought his whole family into this

Author — Bananii _13


Hey can people pray for my mom she’s gonna be in the hospital and I could really use something thanks for your time...

Edit: she’s fine now and being discharged thanks!

Edit2: Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!

Author — I like chocolate Yee



Author — haruki


Shawn and Camila: We're just friends
Also shawn and Camila: make a whole song about sex

Author — leah Bb


Señorita: "you say we’re just friends, but friends don’t know the way you taste"

Case closed..

Author — idek hm


Also not a big fan of them. But they seem better being friends. And cmon now that kiss looked so awkward for her

Author — Messy


"They kiss like Mike and El" ahaha its true, Mike and El kissed so weirdly :/

Author — Lizzy Chambers


I know their management makes them do this but inviting paparazzi and faking a kiss for publicity just doesn't sit right with me.

Author — elsypie


Shawmila shippers before video: *”I ship them but it’s just a PR stunt”*
Shawmila shippers after video: ummm.. *this looks awkward *💀**

Author — i’M lAtInA


they would make a cute couple but it's so obvious it's pr. 1) those pictures are super high resolution meaning the paps are close to them to the point where Shawn and Camila can SEE the camera themselves so they know the paps are there. 2) 9/10 it's the celebs that calls the paps whenever they need to promote something. Think about it when has these two ever had paps waiting for them? Never unless some big "dating" rumor is going on (ex. Hailey and Shawn) or have a song to promote. Which in their case it's both.

Author — Chi


I don’t see them working out, come at me 🤠

Author — ʜᴜᴍʙʟᴇ ʜᴇʜᴇ


these are them most awkward relationship photos ive seen...clearly pr

Author — riyah