Gutfeld: A week of backfiring for Democrats

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Gutfeld: A week of backfiring for Democrats 5

Trump's economy adds millions of jobs, but we have enough idiots thanks to the left.

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Ha ha. She is delusional. Vote vote Red Red MAGA

Author — mclanaford


No, I'm pretty sure the president called YOU a liar liz

Author — Twilight Zone 2.0


"Chief Spreaddingbull" is priceless!😂

Author — Flavor 1978


GUTFELD, YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!💣💥💥💥....TOO FUNNY....I LOVE IT❣️❣️❣️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️

Author — Joan Holliman


That face when you realize a mainstream media outlet is now actually funnier than late-night comedians.

Author — Bo Jack


Chief spreading bull!! Bah ha ha! I literally laughed to tears. Geez!

Author — Maria Vlahon-Elgin


GG is utterly hilarious. Greatest comedian alive!

Author — ajc713


Greg Gutfield: "Here's Liz Warren, otherwise known as Chief Spreading Bull..."   Priceless.

Author — Umberto Errechitto


"Harvards first women of color" what a sham the whole affirmative action concept is is gunna be the end of identity politics.

Author — Chris Kilmer


gutfeld nailed it as usual, exposing democratic fraud

Author — Mark Rogers


Warran is giving the republicans the best gift of a century - American votes!

Author — Kevin Woods


Democrats are going to lose in November and mark my words, they are going to say the election results are wrong. They are going to scream that the election was rigged and they are going to become even more unhinged and violent.

Author — Darth Tvaris


This show is more entertaining than Saturday night live.

Author — Enforcer525


If they gave her a breathalizer she'd be over the limit with .09 .... priceless!

Author — Suze LeRoy


No way can Warren claim any other title than "Spittin Bull" as she demonstrates on every stage she disgraces!



If her IQ is so low, then there’s a good chance she bought her way into Harvard. Investigate!

Author — Linda Cullens


Funny at this point everything they do and say only hurts them, they have pulled so much crap its hard to take them serious as a legitimate party, lets get rid of all this childlessness and get America back on the right track, vote red

Author — sick of liberals


Halloween is coming up, imagine Warren in a pocahontis costume ?
Lol that would be classic.

Author — JC #1


Identity politics is just like internet dating. A bunch of people lying about who they are.

Author — Complete Controll


Elizabeth warrens iq matches her native american DNA. .09

Author — patriotic conservative