Trump’s Renewed Fight With China Explained

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Trump’s Renewed Fight With China Explained 4

The Trump administration and the Chinese government are going head to head over the coronavirus. The two largest economic powers in the world are trying to control the coronavirus narrative. The White House has accused China of misleading the world and downplaying the true threat of Covid-19. Chinese officials have criticized the US for not taking their warnings seriously enough.

The Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C, referred CNBC to Ambassador Cui Tiankai's remarks at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum when asked for comment.

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What's At Stake As Trump's White House Takes On China Over The Coronavirus

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Let's see where the rivalry of the existing power and the rising power ends.

Author — Hadi Lee


So he didn't take covid19 serious, and now wants to blame China 🤬

Author — Ricardo TheSoloist Boereau


2:58 That is not what the Chinese person said. He says, 'between China and U.S., there has been disputes about where the virus originated. The one who originated these disputes is U.S.‘ Lin on the other hand is undoubtedly trying to accuse America, I just thought the first sentence's translation was highly misleading.

Author — Think Summertime


“Could’ve been stopped in China”
France had a case before December 27th. Yes, could’ve been stopped in China.

Author — Flashstar 123


The first place HIV was documented was in LA, California, USA.
The first place the "Spanish flu " was documented was in Kansas city USA.
NOBODY till date has blamed America!
It is a big shame that America is looking for who to blame instead of protecting its citizens.
The richest country in the world with one of the most advanced health systems CANNOT protect its citizens.
It's a shame!

Author — The Godfather


This video could have easily been 7 minutes, very repetitive scenes at times...

Author — Noam L


usa media defend china over usa i never seen something like this

Author — youssef vevo


Funny how the world knew the virus since january and until march us gov said everything is under control. Now they said i only they knew it earlier the virus would be contained in wuhan. Is it a joke?

Author — hencgr


He can’t even contain his own citizens without tear gas and ramming them with police cars.

Author — Zoon Geralt


Xi wears a mask during his official visits, Trump doesn't. That difficult to tell who is downplaying the virus?

Author — SSVindictive


Super powers are fighting, that’s not good for world peace.

Author — Super man


Japan, S Korea, HK and Taiwan are closer to China - how's it their covid impact is just a fraction of US? Answer: US suffers from 2 viruses - covid-19 and covid-T

Author — peter chan


America threw away their manufacturing base and now upset that China didn’t.

Author — Sigma Six


Putin: games about to start! Give me ma vodka!

Author — rividizd


Even the small mask thing in US is a joke story

Author — hsw Xx


Please we only want peace. No war, help one another

Author — roodeehuhh


Why is their attention not on containing the virus itself?! It's like watching children point fingers and throwing tantrums on the playground. What a disgrace.

Author — ifonly


Trump : I don't need a mask bcoz I can always blame China for the virus

Author — Mikey


US congress has been briefed latest by Jan 24 on the outbreak. Phone record from Richard Burr confirmed that US government understood and compared the seriousness to Spanish Flu. Based on that understanding, action was taken in form of stock dumping by the politicians.
I say China is responsible before Jan 24. US is responsible for itself after Jan 24.

Author — Ytter B


For once, I would love the “Trump Administration” to focus on leading in America and to stop creating distractions from their failures.

Author — 1Drummer