Spanish MRE Breakfast- Individual Combat Ration | SPAIN

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Spanish MRE Breakfast- Individual Combat Ration | SPAIN 5

Tasting a Spanish breakfast ration in this military ration taste test. Big thanks to BlackDogBob for sending me this ration and for making this episode possible. :) New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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who else thinks that emmy's videos are relaxing and satisfiying? 💞💕

Author — TheWhateverMan


Condensed milk would be for either the cookies or the hot chocolate

Author — Amy Zarbis


This might be weird but... Emmy you have really nice teeth.

Author — IfYouReadThisUsernameYouSmellLikeAButt


Emmy, would you consider making a depression cake or war cake when certain ingredients were scarce? Thought it might be an interesting combination of your retro series and MREs. Just a thought! 😊🤷

Author — Serena Davis


Biscuits and condensed milk?! I never knew. 😯

Author — emmymadeinjapan


I love how after she eats anything she goes

*"Mm, mhm. Yeah!"*

Author — StopItPlease


This video just gave me major nostalgia! I went on several expeditions eating these rations back in 2008 and it brought back so many memories! As for the condensed milk, my companions and I used to just spread a little on the biscuits and pour some into the hot drinks (I don't know if it's my imagination but I do remember getting coffee at some point?). Also, the chocolate bar would often be melted because it's really hot in summer so we would just also spread it on the biscuits. I also remember there were some vitamin C tablets, which i loved as they were fizzy and citrusy but maybe they come as a powder?
Really looking forward for the lunch ration video, I hope you get something tasty!!

Author — iagonizante


The sweetened condensed milk would have gone really well on the biscuits.

Author — Erin Pullen


6:00 Here in the Canary Islands (Spain) We eat the cereal and the granola always with milk not with water! And this "condensed milk" is not condensed milk, is dulce de leche, I don't know the exactly translation but its similar to caramel :) condensed milk is "leche condensada" and it's obviously white 😙😙 and the chocolate powder is also with milk, it suposed to be eated like: a bowl of milk with chocolate powder and the granola eated with a spoon 😘

Author — Neko Lucy-Chan


My mouth instantly did that salivating/clenching thing as soon as you dropped all that lemon salts in your mouth.

Author — Jyoji Fee


I clicked that notification like my life depended on it

Author — Sebastian Fuller


Wait so why if there an oven. Just for the "hot chocolate?"

Author — pugs910


God bless you Emmy your videos just keep getting better and my smile keeps getting bigger. I hope you can get 1 million subs soon. 😁👍

Author — Haali hii


The reason why the hot chocolate was not too milky is because hot chocolate in Spain is not the same as in other countries, such as in the US. What you call "hot chocolate" we call it "leche con cacao" or "colacao" (which is one of the brands that sells it), and we normally have it for breakfast. The famous Spanish hot chocolate that, for example, is eaten with churros is slightly thicker, richer and slightly less sweet than the one I have previously mentioned. In countries like the UK, for example, people have that type of chocolate as a dip, and not as a drink like we do in here. That could be why the "hot chocolate" sachet that comes inside the MRE is not as milky and sweet.

Author — Isixinoa


you keep referring to soldiers as "officers". I'm sure the enlisted men carry utensils of their own as well ^_^

Author — Plane Speech


"brusha, brusha, brusha" 😂😂😂 sorry Emmy, I had to add the third "brusha" because I was saying it in my head like in the movie Grease! Have I ever said how much I LOVE MRE tastings?!?! My fiance, my father in law, mother in law, and BOTH brother in laws were all in the military, and we just ordered some rations for tasting. Can't wait!!

Author — Crystolla Marolla


Hi emmy! I'm from spain and actually during the war there's no milk, so, condensed milk is diluted in water and used as a substitute, try it! Its delicious!

Author — Blue Blade


buen provecho is bon appetite in spanish! we always say it when we see other people eating/ are about to eat in Puerto Rico (not sure if you knew but thought i'd share)

Author — Sara Stom


AHH I live for these MRE's!! I love it when you post a video about them :))

Author — n a m j o o n


I was in the US army for 8 years, and I think MREs rock. There are some to avoid but you never get stuck with bad ones unless your in basic training. But when I was in Iraq we had a whole conex full of them and I would take boxes to my tent and have a good ole time.

Author — Castle45commando