How Putin Annexed Crimea From Ukraine

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How Putin Annexed Crimea From Ukraine 3.5

A leading critic of Russia's president was recently gunned down two days before his anti-Putin rally. This is not the first time an anti-Putin critic has been murdered. So who are Putin's top enemies, and what happens to them?

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The Wrath of Putin
"Mikhail Khodorkovsky was the richest man in Russia when he dared confront then president Vladimir Putin, criticizing state corruption at a meeting with Putin in February 2003. "

WikiLeaks cables: Alexander Litvinenko murder 'probably had Putin's OK'
"Vladimir Putin was likely to have known about the operation in London to murder the Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, Washington's top diplomat in Europe alleged in secret conversations in Paris."

House Passes Smith's Resolution Calling on Russia to Accept Outside Aid to Investigate Murders of Journalists
"A resolution authored by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) that calls on Russian President Vladimir Putin to step-up efforts to investigate a decade-long string of mysterious murders of journalists in Russia was overwhelmingly approved by the U.S. House of Representatives today."

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Just one thing, those people you are calling pro-Russians, are actually a Russians.

Автор — Dembilaja


NATO logic: Kosovo can leave Serbia, Crimea can't leave Ukraine.

Автор — TTT135


Lets remember that hawaii was annexed by US

Автор — SiegeVirtual


Crimea is more Russian than Puerto Rico or Hawaii are American

Автор — manuel montoya


TestTube: Regardless of what you say here, one thing remains hard core evidence and fact and that is the reality that, Kosovo was taken from Serbia by force while Crimea joined Russia though an open and public referendum or vote and that is without a gunshot. Like it or not, these are the facts on the ground.

Автор — Alexander Tessema


"Putin is the biggest enemy of human kind!"
"Saddam has WMD's!"
"Khadaffi is a dictator!"
"Assad is killing his own civilians!"

Lol you people really can't breathe for one moment without an enemy can you?? What happened after Saddam? What is happening in Iraq, Syria and Libya right now? You really can't see that those leaders are the ones keeping devided people together in a country? Without them you will see a rise of power by terrorist organizations who kill and enslave anyone in their way, with ambitions (and maybe capabilities) to fight the western world. Without them Europe, US and world-civilians are in greater danger.

Автор — Reddit Army


If the population voted to join, why impose sanctions?

Автор — funkierfawn budgie


England annexed Northern Ireland, Dekelia(Cyprus), Falkland islands(Argentina) and more overseas territory from other people.USA and EU annexed kosovo(Serbia).Turkey annexed north part of Cyprus.Well, this video is funy.

Автор — Brotha Box


I WANT TO SEE PUTIN VS. OBAMA IN AN MMA MATCH. Who else wants to see this?

Автор — phuk offndy


Test tube news is owned by the US Discovery Channel.
Their reporting is generally incomplete and is decidedly US centric.

Автор — Larkinchance


Perhaps the ignorant West needs to understand something about the history of Crimea. This is a predominantly Russian speaking territory that had been part of Russia until 1954, when Krushchev decided to give it to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, when that republic was part of the USSR. In other words, there was never any intention that Ukraine would break away from the USSR, and thus the transfer of Crimea was an internal event within a sovereign nation. The status of this territory should have been negotiated with the fall of the Soviet Union, since it remained predominantly ethnically Russian, but the issue was sidelined due to more important events taking place. Russia organised a referendum of the people of Crimea to decide this issue, and the overwhelming vote was for the territory to be returned to Russia. Western politicians hypocritically refused to recognise the legitimacy of this referendum, despite deciding that Kosovo should be wrenched away from Serbia, and that the historical ambiguity of the status of the Falklands Islands should be ignored in favour of a referendum there. Russia has done nothing wrong, when we look at the historical context as well as the precedents set by other major nations in similar situations.

Автор — Al Gray


I have an uncomfortable question for you
Crimea is Ukraine?

~(I hope somebody gets it)~

Автор — Soraya Gabriela Pérez Zambrano


I don't like how alot of media either portray Putin as the greatest hero ever or the most evil man that has ever lived.

Just try to think what reason Putin had to annex Crimea. He needed to become more popular in order for him to cling onto power. Russia is still a democracy (although you can just barely call it that) and he can get replaced just like that by some random oligarch. So he tried to play the nationalistic sentiment of the Russians. By defending the Russian majority in Crimea he added a whole group of potential pro-Putin voters and boosted his numbers in Russia itself.
He isn't going to try and take more land from Ukraine, because you can't get the Russians more nationalistic than this.

This doesn't mean though that Crimea was taken over involuntary. A really big majority of the people there are Russian. And the Russians ADORE Putin, whether this is a good thing or not is for you to decide. But I really think that the Crimeans wanted to secede from Ukraine.

Автор — Ljubisa Metikos


Gotta love the web brigades employees on the comments the last hope of failing russia. Too shame.

Автор — Elias Puolakka


Can dare make a video on how us destroy and invade countries?😂😂😂i challenge you won't

Автор — anuradha dhananjaya


what a great video!Why there's no similar one about invading Hawaii?

Автор — Sergey Lysikov


US: You can't just rebuild the Soviet Union

Putin: That's where your wrong kiddo

Автор — Moose


Poor Russia, you have to see it from their point of view. They need more land, they only have the most land out of any country on Earth.

Автор — I WarHawk I


It was one of my favourite channels...

Автор — Paincel


"Putin may have his eye on the rest of Ukraine"
If he did, he would've taken it along with Crimea, probably within a month at most.

Автор — никa