What Is Shopify Dropshipping? And How Do You Make Money From It? 💰

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So you've probably heard of people making money with Shopify dropshipping... and you might be wondering, what is it and how do I make money with it?

In this video, I answer that exact question. I have been dropshipping and selling products online for years since 2017, and have helped thousands of other people do the same through my YouTube channel.

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00:00 - Introduction
07:50 - What is dropshipping and how do make money with it?
24:20 - The Law of Money: the most important rule to remember to succeed
25:17 - Answering common questions & overcoming limiting beliefs

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This is the first video in my Shopify mini course that I am launching on my YouTube channel.

So you've probably heard of Shopify... or dropshipping... and you're wondering: is it really possible to make money with this? And the answer is: yes.

I personally started with absolutely zero experience in online business, eCommerce and have never done dropshipping or sold any products online before. At the age of 21, I was able to generate a multiple 6 figure income from Amazon FBA, and as I expanded into Shopify, I became a millionaire.

Since then I have done millions of dollars in online physical product sales. Throughout the journey, I've also been sharing valuable videos on how to get started and reach success on my YouTube channel. Since then, thousands of people have started successful eCommerce businesses just from my free content on YouTube.

Dropshipping is basically selling products to customers online without holding any inventory. This can be easily setup by finding a dropshipping supplier through Aliexpress or Alibaba, and securing a mutually beneficial relationship.

This video is ESSENTIAL if you want to start a successful online business that will allow you to achieve financial freedom and live the life of your dreams.

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Author — Dan Vas


Hi Dan, thanks for this amazing video. Such an inspiration!!! I’m definitely going to save and come back to your videos as my shopify step by step tutorial! Really liked the book recommendation, which by the way I went on Scribd to look for it right away (and quick side note, I think you meant ‘The 7 Habits of Highly EFFECTIVE People?’ felt like pointing that out 😜 Thanks again for the insights and the effort in making such thorough explanation videos which are free.... I don’t understand how you don’t charge anything when many of the paid ones are not even half as good as yours....

Author — 권수지


Dan. I have watched many different training videos and you are the one I always go back to to watch. You show and display a down to earth and honest approach without all the other nonsense that comes with it that I have seen out there. You display nothing but an honest approach and really good information thankyou

Author — sheri virtue


Hey Dan. Id really love to do your course. Im from South Africa and am starting with dropshipping. Ive watched all your videos. Ive got samples coming but am just nervous about which product to start. Do you offer payment plans with your course? Id really love to start it and have loads of questions. Thanks so much, Andrew

Author — Andrew Knobloch


Thanks, Dan! This video has helped me get past the first challenge I faced. This was finding suppliers who were willing to apply a logo on the product without requiring the MOQ. I've been trying to do this for the last two weeks, but I think I might be able to finally get the product shipped to me tomorrow. I am using the strategy of starting without a logo and building enough sales to purchase the MOQ and use the logo. This video was essential because I was certainly getting a bit discouraged.

Author — Michael Kelsey


I'm so impressed by your maturity! Watching from France and being so inspired! Thank you for your wisdom and your honesty! Wish you the best in all of your enterprises.

Author — Priscilla Affin


As a first-time drop shipper is it a bad idea to go for selling many products in a specific category, for example.. setting up a pet store and having many pet products in your e-commerce store?

Author — Jared Scrimgeour


Hi and thank you so much for taking your valuable time to demonstrate how to do this. This is absolute wonderful information. I was looking for the letter to send to the drop ship wholeseller.
Where might I find that?

Author — Sandy


Sir, Thank you so much,
🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳Love from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

BUT sir it's very difficult to navigate through your channel videos, so I request you to please catagorize the video content and create some playlists which will help us.


Author — RAKESH S B


Love all your videos, , the course is 💯 % best course ever xx

Author — Bebo Rajo


Thank Dan, thats very helpful 2 some of us like me who's just starting the Shopify business very shortly, your free advice is very helpful.

Author — Brian Michael


I’ve watched a bunch of videos on this and your content is definitely easier to comprehend than the rest. Very knowledgeable and I love watching!

Author — Noelle Gair


Hello Dan. So what if your customer orders something and then you contact the supplier, do you always get charged shipping even if its just one product?

Author — Touchable Skin


Amazing content. Learning all of this for free, what a blessing. Thank you.

Author — Musa Dembos


Your content is such a great tool for me.
Thank you

Author — Johan Fanelli


Greate video ;) A ton of useful information 😎 Keep up the good work 👊

Author — Krystian Jońca


Hi Dan: I appreciate your content; however, I’m finding that Alibaba DO NOT want to drop ship anything, especially withy branding. I see you say do a product insert, is that the same as branded drop shipping? Also, they still don’t want to DROP SHIP. You also mention to get your product with a logo on it and start by having it go to your house or a 3PL to fulfill for fast shipping to your customer, but a Alibaba manufacturer still wants an MOQ

Author — Karen Falbo


Really this video motivates me to start branded dropshipping thanks, Dan

Author — Imran Qureshi


Dan I talked to over 10 suppliers in alibaba when they ship it they ask for 30 or 40 dollar per product so do you have any doubts about it ? I don’t know what to do

Author — Muaz Najah


Defintely not a coincidence finding your channel! One major question (shipping) answered in 2 minutes. The power of learning from people who have already journeyed!

Author — Ashtontowler99