How to carve wooden decorations with the Dremel Stylus - Part One

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How to carve wooden decorations with the Dremel Stylus - Part One 3.5
Corinne Bradd transforms hand-cut chunks of wood into smooth, professional-looking decorations. In Part 1 of the demonstration, she carves the shape and edges the wood in preparation for colouring and polishing.

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aaah! thanks, I was trying to do a concave way...this makes a lot more sense.

Author — David Kling


easy-peasy ya'll!

Wish I could learn to be British :(

Author — xenidus


this is awsome video thanks for looking to egrave my family name in a rifle that has ben in my family for years

Author — LaneMaddox00


need a link to the part 2 video so can go right to it and not search.

Author — Sandra L Moore


Very informative, Now I have to search for part two. Many of my videos that have more than one part I include a link in the description, to the other parts. You may get more views if you try it.

Author — pwalpar


Very Nice. Can the Dremel Stylus be used for drilling holes in shells or is it only for engraving? Thank You.

Author — LoveEmpress5


Great video. Love this. Craftspeople like the two above have good skills. Lady on the right in the video is a treasure. Love her style.

Author — Gort Newton


nice...though, no safety goggles or mask...

Author — Witch Nikki Jo Starflower-Lucero


Great starting point to build confidence! That egg is too cute!

Author — Tracy W


Great tool for smaller projects, very easy to control, excellent for finish work

Author — Heartwood Carved Signs


All of my woodworks I am making with woodprix. Google and try it.

Author — Jessica Sommy


What is the Dremel styus model number, and how much is the expected price to buy new?

Author — Paul Sandberg


"Very ladylike tool" Dear God, cringe inducing!

Author — Edel Mulhall


Bal kézzel alapból csak (shit)lehet...

Author — Gyula Mikló


i thought wood carving was a manly way to spend spare time till i found this. Must change hobbie.

Author — tanukitejon


And I've been fussing with the flexi-shaft this whole time!Sheesh!

Author — Debbie Cavallaro


Wish I had seen this little thing before buying a rotary tool.

Author — Alluring Bliss


Yeah this is quite a clever way to do it, additionally if you look at Woody Hyezmar’s woodworking method (google him) you’ll find creative alternatives.

Author — Agnes Mauder