Steve Harvey Roasts the NFL's Elite in Opening Monologue | 2019 NFL Honors

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Steve Harvey Roasts the NFL's Elite in Opening Monologue | 2019 NFL Honors 4.5
Watch Steve Harvey's opening monologue from the 8th Annual NFL Honors ceremony.

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“Y’all ain’t thought about killing Tom Brady?”
*cuts right to Patrick Mahomes*

Author — Adam Clark


People have no clue how difficult is to do this set with so many entitled people. What a show Steve. Well done !

Author — Jose Manuel Hdez.


They did not like the Tom Brady joke bc it's so true 😂😂😂

Author — Takara Prince


“Your momma loves me. Your grandma loves me.”

I can verify, both my mom and grandma love Steve Harvey.

Author — Eron Ramadanov


Who's funnier?
Steve Harvey = Like
Kevin Hart = Reply

Author — PewDiePie's Ex-Boyfriend


Steve harvey is one of the few famous people who can host literally ANY Award show and Tv show

Author — Anthony Wallace


Lmao Steve probably went crazy when he heard Odell coming to Cleveland

Author — Derrick Jones


"If Tom Brady wasn't living.... y'all could be in the Superbowl" 😂😂😂
Aaron Rodgers:🙄

Author — E in Miami


“Y’all ain’t though of pooling y’all money together and having Tom Brady killed”

*Ray Lewis has entered the chat*

Author — Lebron James


"Not a lot of laughs on that, cause of who you sittin next to."
Cuts to Tyreek Hill. 😂😂😂

Author — Paul Bautista


Steve harvey sounded like the chill field trip supervisor that let everyone do what they want as long as someone didnt die.

Author — Emmanuel Martinez


Steve is like the old grand uncle of everyone just talking facts and roasting without exceptions.

Author — Dan Onil Galang


When they heard Tom Brady they were all like. "Steve you told us this was a safe place!"

Author — Aidan S


The players faces when he said could be in the Superbowl". hahahaha. They didn't like that one.

Author — jljf2f


3:15 that white girl in the front is not having fun😂

Author — Jordan


Aaron Rodgers face after the atom Brady joke is priceless 🤣

Author — 2Slick Jordan


2:57 Odell taking somebody wife.... *Sigh*

Author — KingSweat TV


Steve Harvey is a legend. He needs to host all the sports awards

Author — Brandon Sitko


Announcer: "Ladies and gentleman, Steve Harvey"... 👏 👏
Steve Harvey: "Good evening everyone, its an honor hosting the NBA draft".

Author — Z Shake


Baker Mayfield number killed me 💯😂😂😂😂

Steve is such a great host! What took yall so long to get him lol

Author — JMIAH