The Best Sports Vines January 2019

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The Best Sports Vines January 2019 5
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What is better?
Like: Basketball
Comment: Football

Автор — Little Lazarbeam


4:43 When I fell like Messi or Ronaldo😟

Автор — Xx dragon Xx


How come volleyball was not on the fav question

Автор — BaconAter55


This is what I look forward to every day. Thx for posting awesome videos 😃

Автор — Tati The pro


go to 3:40 watch till 3:44, then go back 10 seconds without stopping. It looks like the guy before him completed the flip

Автор — Doctor Doge Games


its nice but there is some stupid shit in that lol, like the dunk at 9:40, the dude is probably 2 meters high or some shit, makes a simple dunk jump and stomps upon a much smaller player, whats impressive about that? dafuq

Автор — Max M.


Caption This: Sliding into them dms "like what up baby"

Автор — LachyBraahGaming


Editing in a "Sport Vine" watermark does not make it a Vine just a video with a watermark.

Автор — ツPawky


الي سمع الي كال ماشاء اللة في8:42 يعطي لايك

Автор — Mustafa Sahed


6:50 when someone challenges u to a fight

Автор — Buddy Crayon


9:42 I got to see Isaiah play my school... most hype our gym has ever been we lost (refs) 90-92

Автор — Fyre


1:35 for some reason i really want to see a fail in that golf

Автор — saruwatari shohei


Basketball Dunks are overrated, also saw some clips you recycled so many times

Автор — Company 56


Can u stop putting a clip multiple times in a video ir in multiple videos?

Автор — Cristian Alarcon