Dr. Oz breaks down most promising COVID-19 treatments

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Dr. Oz breaks down most promising COVID-19 treatments 4.5

Dr. Mehmet Oz joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic.

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HYDROXY CHLOROQUINE and Z-PAK (Azithromycin) are on a CLINICAL TRIALS for 1000 Corona Virus Patients in NY, it's ongoing. I HOPE it will be finished SOON and approved by FDA ASAP for TREATMENT for COVID-19 so that No Governors will be BANNING it💜❤️💜🇺🇸💜❤️💜.

Author — Cora Dailay


Vitamin D and Zinc very important to to immune system, especially zinc for lungs. D is especially important since we are stuck in doors a lot. Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin A are also important. Need good bacteria in gut as well. Eat fermented veggies, sour kraut, Pickels, kimchi, etc. Apple cider vinegar/water good as well. Drink echinacea tea, dandelion tea for clean liver. Meditate to get rid of stress, do light exercise to remove stress. Turn off all fear based information. Listen to the Dr’s live interviews, not the reporter opinions. Take care of yourself and family.

Author — D a v e


Seriously? You at Fox News have asked Dr.Oz for advice??? Cutting edge? From Oz?
Oh no! Not Dr. Oz.
Fox what is wrong with you?
My opinion, this is a terrible mistake to bring this fake doctor in on anything!
Shame on Fox. Update? You have lost what you had going for you. I'm done with you too now! Fake News on Fox now! My opinions!

Author — C Miller


Since everybody is talking about Z-Pak, lets give a little credit to the people who invented it . It was invented by Pliva company in Zagreb Croatia some 35-40 years ago

Author — Pavo Mrnarevic


I trusted Azar more when he had a beard

Author — Ryan May


Has anyone realized yet that on MSNBC yesterday they showed two quick clips of a hospital and they claimed it was in New York City but I got a quick glimpse of some wording on the wall and it was in Italian these are trying to let off pictures like they're from the states

Author — Stevan R.


9 out of 10 tests come back NEGATIVE!! That’s good news.

Author — Go Dice


"In a desperate time like this we go to Ja Rule. Wheres Ja?"

Author — Bob Gofuckyourself


Still amazing how i was able to beat the herpes virus using herbal meds i ordered from Dr.ademiso on youtube, i recommend him for this

Author — Winnie kavali


I will take the natural 'Artemesia herb' over the so-called "Remdesivir" chemical drug, anytime.

Author — DEPLORABLE 961


Hydroxychloroquine Treatment ma y be very effective. We need this medicine along with Zinc coupled the antibiotic to the public asap! We cannot wait a year for a vaccine or controlled testing of this drug because time is of the essence. With this medicine you can treat people at home for a very low cost using nurses delivering the medicine. If you bring out these drugs as a Right To Try and record the results- but do not wait until these people get so sick they must enter the hospital or be put on a ventilator!

Author — Aleada Siragusa


Get the ventilators out of storage, from the New York governor.

Author — Carolyn T Lampton


The medication that Dr.Oz mentioned has been around for a long time. I've taken Zithromax for a lung infection and albuterol and a breathing machine . I got this infection from rat poop and dead rats inside a house while doing construction ripping down a wall and all of that stuff fell on my face and I ended up breathing it . I had a fever 101/102 coughing flem severe body aches fatigue and it hurts and very hard to when you breathe like pleurisy .This is my best way to describe of what in went through and because of this I have COPD and other issues that a nother story. Lucky I'm a live.

Author — Luis V


Dr Oz is in the mix now?! Oh Boy 🤦‍♀️ Now this feels even more like the Truman Show.

Author — Bianca Perez


He is spot on with wasting resources on patients who don’t even have it waiting a week for a test. My sister works in a hospital and said the same thing.

Author — nfgatorgal


Dr. Oz is a former surgeon who uses his medical credentials to peddle snake oil and pseudoscience. Fox might as well be talking to Dr. Dre.

Author — Sewer Tapes


Lol if you're getting your news from Dr Oz on fox Im afraid it's already too late

Author — Tim Streker



Author — bks bks


been taking 1, 000 mg C, Zinc 50mg, D 400iu,

Author — xdrfox


People are dying anyways, why does it matter? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

Author — Maximus Harrington