Camden Clog dancing Nelson Mills by Pat Tracey

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Camden Clog dancing Nelson Mills by Pat Tracey 4.5
Filmed at the Lancashire Wallopers Weekend in 2012.

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Brilliant, folk dancing, ; clog dancers making the sounds of the spinning and weaving looms in the north of England. The clothes they are wearing are of the time.

Author — Florence Wise


Love this! Traditional dances performed so well, with a bit of humour thrown in, fab! All the very best!

Author — Peter Bishop


Love how Maria comes scrambling in late!

Author — I'm on the winning side


They remind me of those Victorian wooden dolls! The dancing is as if they were dolls. Lovely.

Author — Amanda Stone


Love it it’s traditional not intended to distract with smiles

Author — Kay Carter


I really enjoyed that. I did laugh as there were occasions when the man looked like he had followed through with a fart and was attempting to have it defy gravity.

Author — William Ferguson


This performance of Nelson Mills did not include my usual preamble about working conditions in mills which would give the answers to some of the comments here. To answer some questions...

Why are the dancers not smiling? They are playing the role of machines in a cotton mill. The rhythms of the dance are the sounds you would hear from various machines in a cotton mill. Machines don't smile.

Where does this dance come from? The style is from the north west of England. The dance was composed by Pat Tracey who was born in Nelson, Lancashire. Her family had been clog dancing for generations. Her grandfather was a professional clog dancer in the mid 19th century.

What was the music? I know the tune as "Far from Home".

Author — John Dickson


Beautiful . . . . congratulations . . . . brings to mind Gracie Fields and her "Clatter of the Clogs" from the inter-war years

Author — Dreadnaught


Are they dancing with the sounds of the factory ? We went to a mill museum in Manchester and what a hard life for workers including little kids. And most of them deaf from the loudness of the different spinning machines.

Author — Sandra Benham


WOW ...!!! Something New For Me To Enjoy ...👏🏽🌹💕 ...That Is Awesomely Interesting...LoveThe Dancing ... Just Beautiful....💖💖💖💖💖👍🏽👏🏽🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Author — Maria De Vore


Great performance. I am watching this the third time tonight being really fascinated. Thank you for sharing 🙋

Author — mariajuelich


The roots cannot be lost! All nations dances are soooo soulful!!!

Author — E B


My downstairs neighbors are soooo annoying blasting music w bass every single day for hours on end i swear im about to take up clog dancing and return the favor lol

Author — Z Luv


Wow, like a well oiled machine and all the gears are in perfect order.

Author — Bear 113


Super Cool. Love how they begin slowly to let you see what they're actually doing before they 'kick' it up a notch.

Author — Gods2ndFavoriteBassPlyr


Wonderful stuff. Such precision - no one out of line, not a single misstep.

Author — Carol Cripps


I have never seen the like before! Love it!

Author — Yr Ham


I loved the different steps, I'd never seen before, but I almost died Lmao at 4:57 that little side twist needs to be refined a little or slower not sure, just letting you know it was hilarious if that's what you were going for! But thank you for showing us the Authentic clogging!

Author — Arlene Trujillo


being a Yorkshire man clog dancing is in my DNA lol

Author — john e Lawler


Love the variety in all the dances of the world🤙🏽💞

Author — Suzie J