Armored Warfare (0.19) Leopard 2A4 Evo

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Armored Warfare (0.19) Leopard 2A4 Evo 4.5

At last we got some gold,credits and reputation on the RU PTS so I bring you a game in one of the best looking Tier 8 Vehicles in Armored Warfare.

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Lookin forward to this 1 also :D
oops yeah nice job!

Author — AusTankie Gaming


So many stupid things with b2.0. Like angling your hull with modern armor and design, full damage commanders hatch, and a pen indicator that lies

Author — KiloWolf


I hope they release a premium version of this tank like they did for the Challenger 1.

Author — Adeptus Odren


thanks for posting videos of the PTS. been waiting to see what happens with balance 2.0 and honestly I can't tell much of a difference. I am really worried that the gameplay really hasn't changed that much so people will come back. I thought with the removal of the normalization that you would be able to angle your armor and I really haven't seen this happening. are you seeing an improvement or more of the same thing everyone left the game for.

Author — chadney68


This Tank is the tank I have on top of my shoping list when parch 0.19 is ready :)

Author — Sir.GEMZOL


Great tank and I really enjoy driving it.

Author — Armored Warfare RePlays


This Evo is a it bugged or something? I saw on another video its armor is only 200/100? Lolwut...

Author — CMDRFandragon


Did they add new Camo/Base Paint options? You got a Grey+Yellow combo on a woodland map

Author — Hikari Sakai


Who the hell cares about your match? O.o

Talk about the freakin tank ...

Author — Shisuke Nakamura


tha last shot penned your lower plate? and damaged your ammorack again? if this tank has lower plate weakspot idk :P

Author — eimai pisw sou


Everyone starts to bounce shots with side armor with green indicator now, I should be very worried.

Author — Slice dice


Interesting that you have to unlock the 2A4 Evo through the 2A5 and not the 2A4, but in a way I can understand that as it's something that is in very limited use (I believe at the moment only Indonesia actually purchased the Evo package for some of its tanks?) Still, it's a good looking tank and I'm going to enjoy grinding for it. One thing I did notice from watching this though, Ramka 99 Tank Destroyer? Really?

Author — The not so Mighty FL_3


Skipped to the end to see the result (and was hoping for tank stats/armor values), and noticed that that thing is exceedingly accurate on the move. Seems a bit unbalanced, but I haven't seen much of the other vehicles, so I can't call it.

Author — Domonian


this game is dead, it was a great idea but the lack of competent staff, the lack of quality developers, the complete lack of advertising or any possible way to bring in new blood, , , AW is a complete and utter failure on NA and EU, its a shame but its true, average NA nightly population 8, average nightly pop for EU 35 .... its dead

Author — Galloping Tortoise