Turkey: Preparations 'complete' for Syria military action

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Turkey: Preparations 'complete' for Syria military action 4.5

Kurdish forces have warned any military escalation in northeast Syria could lead to the return of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, or ISIS) group and cause mass displacement of people.
Turkish troops are gathering near the Syrian border in preparation for an offensive against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces or SDF.
Turkey considers the SDF as a "terrorist" group and wants to drive them away from its border.

Al Jazeera's Charles Stratford reports from Akcakale along the Turkish-Syrian border.

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Turkey must secure its borders and create a safe zone for Syrians. Every nation wants to secure their national security

Author — East African


I proud to Turkey and Turkish army love from Pakistan

Author — Birds and Incubator world


Mama Merkel would find nice homes in Dresden and Cologne for the poor, opressed
and misled ISIS fighters.

Author — Marauder in Chief


Inshallah Turkey will win against the American monoply

Author — Muhammad Mubeen


Semoga Turki end Sultan Erdogan selalu dalam lindungan Allah.a Aminn love from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇹🇷😍😍

Author — erwin78 do


🇹🇷 beautifull country nice peopel with a 💖 Masha ALLAH Long life for 🇹🇷.

Author — Musa bhai


A military operation for WHAT? To fight the Kurds and occupy northern Syria? WTF?

Author — Kris Frederick


USA already obtained the alien tech from Gobeklitepe, now the observers want to see what indeed was taken

Author — Clea Wata


why assad and russia silince about this

Author — Yoseph Ermias


turkey wants to war to add its territory? like the old times at cyprus LMAO

Author — Pain Lover


Unbelievable that "God-fearing" conservative Republican politicians and other politicians in the US are supporting secular Kurdish militias in Syria (many of them are communists) while simultaneously condemning such groups in the US. The hypocrisy of US imperialism knows no bounds.

Author — S. Aza


This is all about politics in the of national security

Author — sami khan


The PKK is recognised by the EU, US and Turkey as a terrorist organisation. But 'journalists' like these like to refer to them as the so-called 'Kurdistan Workers Party', without even mentioning that they're a terrorist group. Great journalism!

Author — Eat Sleep Shift


Free Kurds and Kurdistan please! Make Peace Not War

Author — Erkan Green


The real founder of ISIS turkey is hunting down kurds because they fight ISIS.

Author — I Love The Way U lie


erdogan kt x mau mngembalikn kejayaan turki otonom tpi knp invasi jga nyaplok idlib jg kurdi d suriah yg zm2a muslin..klw mau mngulang kejayaan turki otonom hrz x mnyerang tentara salib sperti waktu menghancurkn kota romawi timur..suriah kmu serang jg kmu caplok zm sj turki tentara salib gk ada beda x

Author — ahmdindra ahmad


Bravo Turkish soldiers ❤
ALLAH bless you ameen

Author — SSG


I hope this operation went smooth ..Syrian suffer long enough ...They being used literally by everyone for their own agenda

Author — Inong Balee