No Bikini Needed - S4:E12

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No Bikini Needed - S4:E12 4.5
Some of the most beautiful beaches and woman are in Corsica France. No Bikini Needed there!

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💬 Comments on the video

I bet when she jumped on the dinghy line it didn't feel so good!

Author — Roger Logan


2020 ... Back in 2019 when people were allowed to leave their house !

Author — SeaJay Oceans


I wish had a few dollars to see the world 🌍🙄 so beautiful!

Author — brokencreations


The sailing soft porn show on love it!!! Who would have given their right arm to be that tender driver?

Author — Cole M


At least I can massage lol sometimes it makes em happy while feeling down

Author — White Ranger Tiger Power


The owner seems like a competent individual and with Bobby aboard why the need for a paid crew?

Author — Thatwhit


I guess when you are sailing you naked most of the time anyway?

Author — kevin neel


lewike, the definition of 5th wheel. His picture in the dictonary...

Author — Jeff Easter


Giant brief bottoms. Why would ya wear those? Hate thongs or something??

Author — sun dancer


U guys have to go around the heel of Italy and up to Croatia, it`s the best waters in the Med. Split or Hvar area is beautiful!

Author — Bjørn Erik Dahl


And we can Just imagine all the rest!!! 🤗🤗

Author — Jorge Santos


Great video and drone clips! Thanks for posting!

Author — Donald H. Schön


Aahh Laura, if I was just 6 months younger and owned a cat....

Author — Zenphamy


"The shadow of your smile" and errrr, ummm.

Author — wannabe to wasabe


👍Your ladies are just adorable, keep on delighting the audience

Author — Diana Moore


Great video 👍 I think you're getting the hang of it. You really should keep Laura on board on all boats at all times

Author — Robert Prout


hey man, do you have a video with a tour of your boat? thanks for sharing. Cheers

Author — Scott Johnson


Bobby, your life is so hard. God bless you and tata tequila Tuesday.

Author — Fred


Isso sim, se pode chamar de férias!!!

Author — AM Costa


Corsica ....this was really cool the movie Corsica brothers w/ Cheech & Chong..looks like awesome place to visit

Author — chris gullett