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Scientology: Mysterious Deaths (Religious Documentary) | Real Stories 4.5

Scientology is one of the world’s most controversial and secretive religions. Famous followers extol its virtues but a series of suspicious deaths brings into question its treatment of their members.

In this film, we investigate three cases of deaths of Scientology members. We find incomplete police investigations, suspicious circumstances and family members who are convinced there is more to their loved ones deaths’ than meets the eye.

A look at the dark side of a new but powerful religion.

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Scientology: Mysterious Deaths (Religious Documentary) - Real Stories

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My dad was a scientologist in the 70's. I was born with severe asthma and always on the verge of death. My dad left them when they told him that he had to let me die. He never looked back. Thank you dad!

Author — nickyannajones 70



Author — Joseph LaFrance


For the first time, I feel like being poor is a blessing, it keeps scientology away from me .

Author — Nima Mas


First thing that needs to happen is the so called "Church of Scientology" needs to be stripped of their tax exempt status. Then the federal government needs to run that whole organization under a microscope.

Author — Kevin Newman


This is a violent, radical, and dangerous cult that needs to be disbanded immediately. 😭

Author — Myka Morrow


“Clearwater police is investigating”. What a joke!

Author — Priscila Magalhaes


The fact that this is still going on in the USA is mind
At least Germany outlawed this cult!!

Author — AOC yeah you know me


I remember trying to read L. Ron Hubbards's Dianetics awhile back and, after the first three paragraphs I got a headache. Nothihng made any sense, it all seemed to be some sort of Mumbo Jumbo to me. I quickly put the book down and later gave it away. I also came to the conclusion that anythiing remotely connected to Hubbard had to be unadulterated bullshit.

Author — Malice Intended


I can't watch a Tom Cruise movie anymore...

Author — Sz Balazs


In Jesus name I rebuke Scientology almost got reeled in in 87 thank goodness Jesus was with me and told me to run

Author — Sonia Szenay


"The Bridge to Total Freedom" sounds more like A Bridge to Perpetual Slavery

Author — Elizabeth S


They call it total freedom when in reality it's absolute slavery

Author — True That


It’s 2000 it almost 2020 and whoever joins Scientology from this point on and doesn’t see all the writing on the wall you’re on your own you have definitely definitely been warned

Author — Carama Gambino


Boycott Clearwater, don’t go to its beaches or hotels. Also, boycott Tom Cruise and all the millionaires that support that cult.

Author — I A


I call to boycott all tv shows and movies with scientology actors playing in them.

Author — Julie I AM


Reminds me of the Mormons in Utah with their secrecy...

Author — Kia Harper


I once attended a Scientology recruitment meeting, now realize how much I dodged a horrible bullet. So glad that the speaker struck me as phony and affected, and the whole thing as being fundamentally boring! Good for me

Author — Lois Dahl


Maybe they have secret members in the police department of this town.

Author — fergal farrelly


When I was living in Jacksonville Florida I called so I could get information on them. The kid that answered the phone asked what my zip code was. I told him. He told me I was in the wrong zip code and hung up on me. Thank you very much!! You saved me from your cult!!

Author — price pruett


This is a cult-not a church-it is demonic!!

Author — natalee songs