REJECTED TAKEOFF! United 757-200 RWY 28L at SFO

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REJECTED TAKEOFF! United 757-200 RWY 28L at SFO 4.5

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Actually, this is one of United’s flights that operate from SFO-SFO.

Author — Jonathan Ramkissoon


Would rather be on the ground wishing to be in the sky than be in the sky wishing to be on the ground.

Author — Liam Tubsy


People started getting up thinking "wow that was a fast flight" and started getting their bags in the overheads.

Author — Indy Custom Made


It happened to me once, in Guatemala... International Airport "La Aurora", 2009. We were leaving in a plane towards Panamá, it was raining, and the plane began to takeoff. Suddenly, the plane activated its airbreaks and shut down the engines, it began to slide on the runway... it felt violent. Once the plane stopped, on the runway, the pilot told us he felt a weak acceleration and a definite lack of speed. Even though his company obligated him to takeoff, he decided not to. We were taken to a hotel where we would wait for a place in other flights...
We were later informed that indeed, they found a problem in the plane and it would be impossible for it to mantain flight. I don't know if this pilot is ever going to read this comment, but thank you for stopping and saving us all...

Author — Baptiste Bauer


The pilot did a great job. Like a Qantas pilot once said, '...I do not apologize for taking everyone's safety seriously, ' when he aborted his take off.

Author — Na5iR11


People stand while the plane is aborting a takeoff? What are they waiting for? The plane to hit a barrier, launching them on an express route to First Class?

Author — Fahad Al-Riyami


Uhh Ladies and Gentleman, the first officer forgot his wallet at the skybar...He's just gonna go grab it and we'll be on our way shortly. Thank you.

Author — matt8863


Takeoff is optional. Everything after that is mandatory

Author — Mystic Thunder


This pilot could have been saved people life. But, people on board wouldn't recognize they were saved by their pilot, most people probably worry getting delay instead of appreciate they are still a live!!!

Author — Jason Situ


I'd rather be on the ground and delayed, than in the air with a problem!

Author — Constipated Rino


Do you see the traffic at SFO at this time? Man, good luck joining that line again

Author — BlueJ_ PlayZ


Passenger: wtf cap
Captain: wtf tower

Author — Won Tag Jun


Capt quite clearly says - “Remain seated” twice.

Cabin crew then need to repeat it 3 more times.

Those folks are too stupid to fly. Revoke Passports, Driving License and all CCards - a danger to themselves.

Author — WildlifeObsessed


Wow! That was quite a video, glad it all turned out fine. Some great sound on that initial spool up though, and nice filming as well. Like from me!

Author — Alex Praglowski Aviation


Legend has it that they all remain seated to this day! 💺✔️

Author — MouldedSalad


Drunken man: ohh! we reached the destination?

Author — Hari Kishore


Pilot : "oh ok, sorry"

Author — Fariz Ghifari


That wasn't a rejected take-off...that was United's non-stop service from SFO to Burlingame.

Author — HAL 9000


I'm imagining someone sleeping during takeoff and getting confused when everyone starts deboarding.

Author — Mohaamd_7


The on-board washing machine has an unbalanced load.

Author — ScotSpeed