New video emerges of Trudeau in blackface

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New video emerges of Trudeau in blackface 4
New video of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau wearing blackface has been released by Global News. Jaskaran Singh Sandhu of Crestview Strategies and Kaveh Shahrooz of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute joined us to discuss the impact of the photos of Trudeau dressed in brownface and blackface and the next steps for the Liberals.

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Why did Trudeau kick out candidates for making racists comments in their past and didnt accept any apologies from them. Why dont the same rules apply to him?

Author — Lina Chen


His own political correct hypocrisy has turned on him🤣🤣🤣

Author — TheFreshman321


Wow, this guy was REALLY into blackface

Author — Jam Ma


The mask has come off of the privileged trust fund baby Prime MInister

Author — Science


Candidates have been asked to step down for much less. Practice what you preach, Trudeau!

Author — NachoFriend


I just wanna say as a canadian I didn’t vote for him👉

Author — Rye Dan


"Unlike Trudeau we can't go home and rub color off" I am black and I cannot rub the color and the weight it carries off. Trudeau should resign. He is such a hypocrite.

Author — Uchawi Beatz


He's a hypocrite, not only is he in blackface but he's making fun of a black stereotypes by making faces

Author — Dino Silvani


I always thought Justin was two strikes your OUT

Author — Tom Stang


Even CBC can't be bought off with enough poutine from reporting on this third offense. Three strikes and you're out!

Author — Daniel MacDonald


You're done CBC. Your cheerleading for this degenerate will cost you. Defund the CBC, PPC 2019!

Author — Hunter Hill


turn the damn phone off or leave it in the office!

Author — Michelle de Vries


Trudeau has spent the last 4 years standing at a podium condemning the exact same acts he has now been found to be guilty of himself. Now he must stand and face that monster that he and his liberal comrades have created, innocent fun being deemed as an inappropriate act. He is now EXACTLY the same thing he has told Canadians, time and time again, to vote AGAINST. I look forward to watching them try to squirm out of this one....

Author — Deezel


Like a trainwreck in slow motion. I cant look away. This is great.

Author — jsbFF08


What a phony, typical as i say not as i do.

Author — joey dean


Shame on CBC. Hypocritical news who sold out to this politically incorrect boy that acts like our PM. Worst PM ever!!

Author — Gillian Smith


With his standard, he shouldn't be the leader of his own party.

Author — anijon


Trudeau is a Incompetent Disfunctional embarrassing person. He never did belong as a leader but a class Clown. Wake up Canadians and vote this embarrassing corrupt Clown out in October election.

Author — Stu Pid


When you get a taste of your own medicine😂

Author — Gabriel Flores


Trudeau, you made your bed, NOW sleep in it! Ha, ha, ha!

Author — pamela kingwell