Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About The Daniel Negreanu Incident

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Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About The Daniel Negreanu Incident 4.5
BREAKING NEWS! A lot of people are upset at Daniel Negreanu after a series of insensitive tweets. PokerStars makes the controversial decision to reduce the table limit to four. The /r/poker subreddit has finally discovered the term OMC (old man coffee) and they can't stop making memes about it.

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The sun rises...Doug Polk drops a video. I woulda bet the under on this Streak...and LOST.

Author — Eric A


You have to understand, everything you do on Twitter conveys information.

Author — onezerotwofour


Negreanu DOES HAVE major INSERCURITY probs

Author — bartjohnston


The negreanu mean girls picture is priceless 😂😂

Author — Enjoyingthejourney


Doug + DNegs on the thumbnail = insta click

Author — ariel trindade


I used to work for Bluff. Nothing in that magazine was editorial, it was all paid for. Just like almost every other magazine ever.

Author — Bald and Bearded


“That’s a whole lotta rake with not many leaves.”

-Doug Negreanu

Author — Brandon Stolz


Gabe Kaplan is better than any of the others.

Author — Ja Kite


Dragging Dnegs constant trolling adverts into da streetz! POW!

Author — IfingerblastGranny's


"My wifey was voted best hot.. I mean.. host/hostess..." Not sure if that was intentional or not but it works either way

Author — Just Aguy


Just noticed Doug is staring at the hair in the thumbnail. Lol!

Author — R C


Always late but worth the wait. Nice work Doug.

Author — Jonathan Angel


The only thing I’m freaking out about is how hilarious the Degen is. Hope you guys can be friends someday.
#morerakeisbetter #idontwatchvideosman

Author — Reed Icculus


I'm mad I have to wait another 24 hours for a new video

Author — Jesse C


Ironic that polk is doing this kind of video and how it is about popularity etc.

Author — Son Kim


This video is full of salt... if it doesn’t mean anything... why rant about it?

Author — Alfred Gloria


Damn that mix from george fields is so chilled.
Been listening to that all summer long.

Author — Michael S.


@8:28 THANKS DOUG for the reminder to binge more of "Internet Historian" awesome videos!!!

Author — Darren Semotiuk


Doug that into music is Can we get "Polk Poles?"

Author — Unflushablepiss


Hilarious. Keep up the entertainment ! 😆😆😆

Author — Mark Simpson