10 Most Evil MMA Fighters

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10 Most Evil MMA Fighters 4.5
Tom is here with 10 Most Evil MMA Fighters.

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Confirmed rapists should never get another chance to fight. No criminal should.

Author — ThinkBlue


It's so pathetic that these trained fighters attack women.

Author — Maximus


Unlawful penetration is a weird way of saying rape? lol

Author — Swamp Life


He ripped the heart and tounge out of his sparring partners body that man seriously is evil

Author — Mustapha Osman


The majority of these cases are domestic. WTF is up with MMA fighters not being able to get over their bad relationships with women?!

Author — marctheman001


Lee Murray number 9, get out, he was stabbed in the heart in a street fight, master minded the biggest cash robbery in history, knocked undisputed UFC heavy weight champion Tito Ortiz out cold in a street fight. Got to be higher than 9, ultimate bad boy.

Author — eddie hockley


Have you ever clicked on a video so it wouldn't keep appearing in your recommended videos....I have...

Author — Huntin' with Hattaway


Lee Murray should be higher. .. 53million pound heist 😂😂😂 they should make a movie about him

Author — Moses Temu


The dude at #10 shoulda been way higher.

Author — Christian Garcia


Destroying that weed crop is the real crime here!

Author — Wayfaring Stranger


Guy who was a hit man and murdered politicians doesn’t even make the top 10?


Author — WorldIsFilledB


How is the guy that ripped a heart out not number 1?

Author — Jason Keeling


When you look at older clips of mma its clear 90 percent are juicing

Author — corey mac


All of those pot plants were destroyed. ALL of them.

Author — Von Milash


wait wait wait... wait, unlawful penetration? can someone explain this shit to me!?

Author — Xruxis


Fedors Brother is a Russian Mafia member

Author — Danny Irish Greene


"What kind of man throws his own shoe?! I mean honestly.."

Author — Tommy D


War machine 100% looks like my weed dealer on steroids

Author — Wooti


"Evil has to be stopped" - Fedor Emelianenko

Author — Prometheus


Bro, where did you learn to rank evil? Clickbait University?

Author — R S L