Coleman Hughes on Awakening The Mind with Sam Harris [S2 Ep.7]

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Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Coleman.

My guest today is Sam Harris. Sam needs no introduction on this podcast. He was the first guest I had, and I'm happy to say he's my first repeat guest. Last time I talked to Sam about reparations and cancel culture.
This time we focus almost entirely on psychedelics, meditation and spirituality. Aside from a brief tangent at the beginning, where we talk about Trump and the intellectual dark web by popular demand.



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I'm glad I am seeing more people like Coleman that are my age, I'm tired of seeing the woke activists and race hustlers from my generation.

Author — Bentobox


Hoodie Sam Harris is rarer than complete enlightenment!

Author — BonzaiSG


Beautifully articulated Coleman, when you speak to how meditation helped you after your mom's death that pretty much paralleled my experienced after my mom's passing as well, meditation is such a gift! From dissociating in every day life to the Epiphany of realizing that resistance is the source of suffering, truly life-changing. I feel resistance is the source of all negativity in the world, I feel the battle right now is between those who accept reality (for it's light + dark) vs those who are resisting reality, and that collective resistance is the pain we see today.

Author — Brittany M


Ah finally, the Meeting of the Monotones

Author — JD Loftis


Because I got used to Sam's voice during the guided meditation, I literally am relaxing whenever I hear him talk.
For instance, I am now doing some work on my laptop and was about to pause the podcast when I felt like his voice is calming me.

Thank you Sam.

Author — Jalila Dalal


That felt like a significant moment for me; I never understood what mindfulness was attempting to achieve. Some gems in there, for example that wandering thoughts are mediocre, not the hallmark of a thinker. This ties in with the harmful fallacy that clever people are prone to depression, which gives depression an undeserved cachet, particularly to the inexperienced teenagers for whom teenage depression is perceived as an unspoken 'badge of honour', but is actually a curse. I was also struck by the 'finding better motivations' idea, a lesson I had learned in some areas of my life but it strikes me the idea has a broader applicability than I'd given it credit for. This ties in with Jordan Peterson's point about embracing responsibilities. My final point is, here is another example of the content maker choosing to talk about what they wanted to, not what the polling data says to, and ultimately producing something much more worthwhile. I didn't know I needed to hear that until I actually had. Thank you to you both.

Author — L Knight


"The arsonist pretending to put out the fire" - its poetry!

Author — mohamed goldstein


Sam suffers a unique fame in that he is more likely to be mistaken for Ben Stiller than he is to be recognized for the great work he does.

Author — C B


Great conversation. Goes pretty deep. Lol at Coleman’s happiness lasting 7 minutes . Putting money in the bank made me happier for longer than that but not that much longer. I distinctly remember realizing that no amount of money or toys would make me happy.

Life is strange

Author — Bill Simms


@Coleman Hughes thank you for this episode, you cannot imagine how precious and meaningful this was for me

Author — Fabio Dimebag


25... Coleman Hughes is 25... beyond the fact that he is stupefyingly intelligent, it's an absolute joy that he is likely to be around in the public sphere for so many decades to come.

Author — John Hauber


You guys make meditation seem so cool but when I actually try to do it all I can think of is all the random little itches I wanna scratch.

Author — Anna Gordon


Funny to hear Sam talking about the kind of fame you should want. My college roommate's mom had that. She was famous in her field, so she could call and get put up in hotels anywhere in the world, flights, money, etc., and she was a rockstar in her academic field, but outside of those couple hundred people (maybe a bit more with postdocs and such that knew who she was), nobody would know her at all. I always thought that was the best.

Author — brek5


Love the conversation and break from politics. Far more interesting things to talk about, although I know we can’t always stick our heads in the sand. Still, this was great.

Author — RJ Van Etten


"Attention is the cash value of what matters to us"

So, basically, he just summed up Heidegger's "Being and Time" and the existential analytic in that one statement. Attention (intentionality) is what we "do" with our minds (Da-Sein), and how we are doing with regards to what matters (meaning) to us underlies the experience of our conscious existence(befindlichkeit), or as Sam says, "cash value"

I fuckin LOVE Sam. And the fact that Coleman wanted to talk about THIS instead of culture war stuff today.

Author — Pete


I've never been a particularly neurotic person, in fact I am unusually happy and positive. But in the last year, during Covid, I got married, moved countries and changed jobs. I have started to develop major anxiety and panic attacks. This has come at an opportune time for me, thanks guys.

Author — Ciaran Burks


I’d love to hear more on delineating between duel and non-duel awareness, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference experientially

Author — Just Another YT Account


Great content, thank you Coleman for the uploads!

Author — LennyBgood


Coleman shedding light on the truth with a great mind Sam Harris

Author — Lawrence Addison


The meditation practice that evokes the master within, the inner voice of consciousness and so much more is known by Indian Gurus as Divine Knowledge. It is an ancient practice that separates ones emotional self with a source of wisdom from within and being a master of your dark side.

Author — Ken Churchill