The Messed Up Origins of Cinderella | Disney Explained - Jon Solo

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Cinderella is one of the most famous Disney movies of all time... but have you heard the Brother's Grimm fairy tale that inspired it? ಠ_ಠ

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Thanks for watching everyone! New "Messed Up Origins" episode is coming SOON :D

Author — Jon Solo


I always wondered... In the movie...if the spell is broken at midnight... Wouldn't her glass slippers change back to the original shoes as well? Everything else changed back..? Why did thr slippers stay glass?

Author — brooks morris


“They invite every beautiful girl in the kingdom to the ball”
Lmao guess I ain’t going then

Author — ILikeRedVelvet


She had to try on a blood soaked slipper

Author — Jasmine L


Actually in this version of the tale, the birds swoop down to peck out one eye each from the sisters right as they reach the palace,
and peck out their remaining eyes after the wedding,
so that the last thing they ever saw was Cinderella’s happy ending.😎
God i love those birds.😏

Author — Classy Oldsole


"She waters it every day" awww

"With her tears" wait what the fu—

Author — Cookieintheface


Maybe her name is Ella.

Also I remember seeing a cartoon that was very similair to the orginal story.

Author — Pepijn 15


Prince Charming to Cinderella: I love you
Him also: doesn't even remember the face after dancing all night with her

Author — gil molina


You should watch Into The Woods, it legit has everything that you just said

Author — Bridget Sheils


Fun fact: The first version of Cinderella was written in 4 BC, didn’t include most of the stuff in the Brother’s Grimm version but here’s the rundown;
A slave goes out to the river to bathe, takes off her clothes to do so, a nearby eagle sees this and decides to steal her sandal. The eagle then flies from Greece (where the slave lived btw) to Egypt where he dropped it on the pharaoh. So Pharaoh is all ‘o cool I’ll marry whoever this belongs to’ and he sails around the known world trying to find this lady so he finds the slave and he marries her.
Pretty unrealistic but we’re looking at the same people who created one of the most interesting mythologies out there

Author — womp womp


I actually grew up with the original story 😂

Author — Random Human


“This time it’s written by the brothers Grimm”
is it just me or is it ALWAYS the brothers

Author — WeirdButAwesome 1


To be honest, the first part of this story is almost exactly identical to the Into the Woods version of Cinderella. The tree, the lentils, the three-night festival, the burds, even the sap on the stairs. Even though the film wasn't completely about Cinderella, I much prefer it to the animated film and also remake as they clearly referred to the original tale a lot more (though obviously not all of it :P) Nice video! I absolutely love watching these!! SUBSCRIBER 495, 576!

Author — no


The live action ciderella stays much truer to the original story while still being great for the whole family. I like it a lot better

Author — Luella Anderson


You should watch "into the woods"
Its a movie that tell the REAL stories of fairy tailes like cinderella, repunzel, red Reding hood...

Author — Lena Jacob


My favorite disney movie as a child and now is cinderella, and just hearing this makes me more happy!!! The gouging out the eyes is a pretty good scene

Author — Kayla Ennard


This version is in the “newish” movie called “Into The Woods” And has all the same parts but it has a little bit extra to connect it to the rest of the movie!
(I love that movie❤️)

Author — ✨ CVC_Artz ✨


So, in the original her father didn't die?


Author — Fukurouyoujo


Disney's adaptation of Cinderella was based on the French version of the story that was in a collection of fairy tails that was published by Charles Perrault in 1697. The two version are identical in every way except that Disney killed off her father because he was a bad role model.
In the Perrault version the father was essentially brainwashed into treating his own daughter horribly, even going so far as to call her Cinderella rather than her own name.
The Grimm version is the German version of the story. Grimm did not invent the story, as the version he and his brother published was done in 1812, which is well after Perrault wrote down the French version. The Cinderella story does go further back than the 1690s, as there was an Italian version that was written down in 1638, and it is not credited to any one author.

A thing you missed about the Grimm version is that the step sisters tried the shoes on while they were next to Cinderella's tree and the birds perched in it were the ones that alerted everyone to the blood in the shoe. They sung something like this, "Ku-coo Ku-coo, there's blood in that shoe."

Author — Carliona


It turns out Into the Woods the movie used the whole pitch on the stairs and the gold slipper fitting the sisters...kinda cool

Oh and the birds blinding them too 🙊

Author — Kelsea Scott