I made a vocaloid song for my school's history project (Technically Synth V But whatever)

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I made a vocaloid song for my school's history project (Technically Synth V But whatever) 5
EDIT: Now available on Soundcloud!

So for my final major grade in my history class we had to make a project based on our assigned individual topic, and mine was the history/court case of the burning of Vietnam War Drafts. I am going to have to present this in front of my class and teacher.

Please pray for my grade XP

EDIT: GOT A 99%, and my teacher LOVED IT!! :D my classmates unfortunately didn't really care much about my project lol, they didn't say anything or applaud. XP

here are the lyrics btw:
In 1968 the U.S court needed to rule,
On whether or not,
the burning of drafts should be ridiculed.
Cause at the time the war on Vietnam was raging on.
And very few had wanted to
be forced to raise a gun.
But why is this, and why is that?
And why would they not support?
To answer this, let's take it back,
By looking at history! 
The war on Vietnam was on because of one purpose:
To prevent the rise, and spread,
and integration of communists.
The South itself had allied with the U.S. government,
And the North in turn
had allied with the Chinese regiment.
So what happened, and what went wrong?
And why did they all protest?
Let's continue on, and we'll find out,
What made them want to detest!
Well at the time, the U.S. decided to implement,
The U.S. draft which mandated the service of citizens.
All men of 18 years to 25 had to apply.
And 1/3 of the men in war
where forced there to comply.
And in 1965 the U.S. had attacked North Vietnam,
And U.S. planes, where flying overhead
and dropping bombs.
Critics had started questioning the government's methods.
Of claiming they were liberating and fighting for ethics.
So people think, and they question,
And wonder what to do
And some decide, that they won't fight.
A war they don't want to!
In 1965 the destruction of drafts became a way,
To protest and avoid the war taking place far away.
While not the first, and not the last,
David Miller had went,
And publicly burned his draft card,
on the cold hard concrete steps.
They took him in, and sentenced him,
To prison for 30 months.
A pacifist, a catholic
Arrested for his protest!
The court had ruled that burning drafts
was not a proper plight.
Protected by the first amendment of the bill of rights.
But this would not be the last time
we hear about this regard.
In 3 years the U.S. court will have
to argue about these cards.
David O'Brien was a huge protestor of the war,
And he had burned his card and smeared it
on the Boston Courthouse char.
He said he was exercising his first amendment right,
So is the law against burning draft cards against his fight?
They argued and they debated.
For days and months on end
But ultimately they decided
To convict him then.
Explaining their decision
Chief Justice Warren had this to say,
That the conduct of burning drafts
was not free speech on face
The case was 7 to 1, majority saying that they need.
A test to see whether or not a protest act is valid.
They determined that if the government's own interests,
Where within constitutional power people should not resist.
The interest of Drafts itself were unrelated to,
The freedom or suppression of the first ammendment dues.
How sad for those who live in the poor and the middle class,
For that means they cannot avoid the unfair wartime draft
So that's the burning of draft cards in the U.S. back then,
I hope you all learned something valuable from my lesson.

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"I got a 99% and my teacher loved it"
*This one sparks joy*
"Unfortunately my classmates didn't really care much"
*This one does not spark joy*

Author — The Majordome


“My classmates unfortunately didn’t really care about my project much lol, they didn’t say anything or applaud.”

*_Thomas had never seen this bullshit before in his life_*

Author — Picklub


Me: ugh, I need to sleep

youtube: hey this guy did a history project with a cute anime girl

Author — Norah Beattie


"Damn Americans, they took our rice"
-Some Vietnamese Farmer

Author — TheSoivetChinese


History Teacher: *sees the video*
History Teacher:
History Teacher: nice, A-

Author — AGirlthatAnimatesIguess :D


*_Because of this. Everyone thinks I deserve to be in advanced class. Thank you._*

Author — quantumtiz


imagine the teacher shows this to their students next year-

Author — sophia has arthritis


Alright let me get this straight

Catchy song
Straight faxs
Cute Anime character

Im not even american i think this is a masterpiece

Author — Laurens Simons


Imagine you learned history from just a catchy song

Author — Just Zachy


Did you think I went through the time and effort to make a simple hammer and sickle?

Because you stand corrected

Plus that small half on up top

Author — EliteMatt


Somewow a part of my bench mark mentioned something in this and remembering this song I think I answered it right. Thanks.

Author — LilowLeeLani •


₩₮₣ ₭ł₦Đ₳ ฿ɄⱠⱠ₴Ⱨł-



Author — kokichi!


If my class was watching this, they would start dancing. They danced at the French ABC song and the kahoot waiting music.

Author — Foxime Artzy


It’s a whimsical take on your project, nice job! Just hope that your teacher isn’t one of those strict asshats that mark you down just because you had fun, since this actually takes effort to make

Author — CappytRex7567 :3


The first part of the song: Me: Studying her dress design
"That looks awesome."
Hears lyrics All men of 18 to 25 years had to apply
All of a sudden I'm interested

Poor men.

Edit: Why are so many people liking this????

Author — Half Hot Half Cold


alright i have a idea

put the song on spotify

think about it

the first song on spotify thats about a history presentation pls

Author — Laurens Simons


This YouTube video: History

YouTube Ads: *OH SHEEEET*

StardustLegend: *SON OF A

Author — AZunpopulargamer :/


Holy fuck this is actually great.
I cringed at first, but then after a minute in I started to love it without realizing.

Author — Tooterbooter


So.... America history has become Japanese Songs now- *Welcome to 2019*

Edit: I meant *Vocaloid Songs

Edit 2: since I don’t know the difference between Vocaloid and VoiceBank, here I am again correcting myself. It’s *VoiceBank* not Voclaoid.

Author — RPCSA 818


Tbh this 100 percent better than the generic raps most people do for projects

Author — Bravest Ant