How to Play Bocce, Bocce Rules and Bocce Lessons

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Learn how to play Bocce with this instructional video that covers the rules, how to play bocce, score, and some lessons and strategy. This is a great comprehensive tutorial for first timers and the intermediate. Share this simple teaching video with your friends and meet up at Coco's Italian Market where we have two free Bocce courts. Bocce is a great game that is easy to learn and fun to try to master.

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thanks, Im gonna go pro at this now :)

Author — MonkeyBoo


Great video. Totally informative and not boring whatsoever. Goes by quickly and answers the questions most people will probably have. Molto bene.

Author — notsosilentmajority1


I grew up watching my grandpa and his buddies playing bocce; my takeaway was whichever team yelled the loudest and waved their hands most effectively won, lol. It was all in fun, lots of bluffing and bluster, as well as legit gaming. Great after dinner game, while enjoying a little glass of icy cold lemoncello!

Author — OceanSwimmer


perfect video, exactly what I needed in a concise and interesting format. Thanks!!!

Author — David W Payne


Great video, very informative.
I first learned about bocce ball through playing it in a few different video games over the years and I've always been interested in it. I recently was fortunate to find a heavy duty set of bocce balls at a thrift shop and bought it with the intent to learn to play! My only complaint about this video is there is no discussion of how to set up a playing field: what size should it be Dimension wise, for your front to back wall and distance between your side walls but perhaps (unlike most things in life), the Size Doesn't Matter?

Author — Dan Birchett


My first bocce lesson! Excellent! Thanks.

Author — Lisa Stones


Needed this, been wanting to get into bocce for a while now, thank you!

Author — Kelsey


Had a chance to play this game with an Italian neighbor who had such a Bocce green in their back yard. Great game to enjoy during patio parties and BBQs.

Author — Phillip Mulligan


Thank you for explaining the Italian game of bocce ball! I really enjoyed the dialogue and examples of play! Have a great rest of the 2020 year! Stay safe stay healthy mangia bene! Think positive, stay negative....😷

Author — Frank Costa


What a great video, just what I needed. I only wish I was near Nashville so I could come by and thank you personally and buy up some of your grub! Hats off to a job well done.

Author — Drdoon


I clicked through 3 or 4 two minute videos and wish I just clicked this one instead. Perfect explanation with scenarios. Excellent tutorial!

Author — BellBiv Deveau


I was first put off by the length of the video, but this was a complete video worth watching! Thank you

Author — Kenji Yagi


awesome video!! thank you for the easy explanation of the game!!!

Author — Eliot Brown


That was a nice low-key way of explaining the game. .Very enjoyable and instructive. A good party game.

Author — Dennis Nielson


This was great. I played for the first time this weekend.  I also took the class from Patti Nelson.  The food at Coco's is great too.

Author — Jayme Mangano


Your instructions are very clear. I subscribed to your channel. We want to see your comments on our videos as well. Cheers!

Author — SeaTurtle Sports


I am Italian and have practiced bocce inconsistently for around twenty years as a hobby. In a nutshell: I know its rules perfectly, but I suck spectacularly at it! Never guessed anybody actually played the game in Nashville, OMG! For most Italians, who have never touched a boccia in their life, it is rather sort of a socializing ritual than a real sport: you get some snacks, maybe a glass of wine or a beer, and in the meanwhile you casually throw a couple low-end water- or sand-filled bocce on the beach. For elder people, it is another story: they used to play the game as a pastime after a day of hard work in the field or the factory. They did not see it as a sport --- good Lord, no! There was no such thing as a 'sport' for them, i.e. an intentional expenditure of physical energy just for the sake of competing *and* keeping yourself fit. They would keep themselves fit --or exhausted, if you prefer-- by simply doing their labor-intensive job. Playing bocce therefore does not require you to be extremely strong or slim or tall or fast. You have to be patient, strategic, and above all, PRECISE. That is the key, and that is also why the rules have got incredibly complicated: both in order to regulate every possible situation, of course, but also to make the game as demanding and head-scratching as possible. The free-style bocce you guys enjoy there is perfect as it is for entertaining guests. Do not change a bit. But you might want to consider the possibility of introducing some or all the rules of the Punta Raffa style, the most widespread one in Italy and abroad, for those who want to 'give it a bit of kick' and play the game more regularly. If I am not mistaken, the US Bocce Federation provides an English translation of the rules in .pdf format.

Author — MouYijian


Nice instructional video, I'm going to share this with my group.
And if I'm ever in TN, I'll stop by Coco's for a game of bocce.

Author — Brian Barbieri


I usually play bocce, but I'm not so good at it. But I want to be much better. I really like ball games.
Thank you for the advice. You got a new subscriber :)

Author — Hanoe - Ballgame


Game combines aspects of Curling, Golf, Bowling, Shuffleboard. Played outside or sometimes inside with friends. What's not to love.

Author — Ron Foskett