Mike Rowe on Trump's SOTU, Dems' Refusal to Stand: 'Dangerous' to Frame Everything as 'This or That'

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Mike Rowe on Trump's SOTU, Dems' Refusal to Stand: 'Dangerous' to Frame Everything as 'This or That' 5
Television host Mike Rowe joined "Fox & Friends" Wednesday to weigh in on President Trump's State of the Union address, saying the political polarization in the country is becoming "dangerous."

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My son has set up an apprenticeship program in his high school with three welding companies in the area! TRADE jobs are important for our country to survive. NOT everyone is college material.

Author — Meg Harms


Lazy, lazy, lazy!!!! Trust me. I'm in construction. Hire a young hand, lazy, don't wana learn, stay on the phone, parenting has alot to do with this.

Author — Storm Crow


Mike Rowe, a class act. It was a pleasure to hear his take on our country's current state of mind. The SOTU speech was a clear example for all the world to see the current polarization between our political parties. The " This or That " syndrome was clearly on display here. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi's " body language behaviour " without speaking a word, sitting immediately behind President Trump was a disgrace to witness.
It made no difference what the president outlined in his speech, the Democratic Party as a whole does not like President Donald Trump & they will " resist & deny " him in every way possible, even at the " peril " of our country with the " southern border security crisis " being a prime example of them carelessly attempting to put the US at risk...
Thank you,
Bill on the Hill... :-)

Author — William Farr


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Mike Rowe! He’s such a genuine, down to earth guys!

Author — Matthew Cribb


The women set a horrible example and acted like brats! They fulfilled every single negative stereotype of female politicians. Thank you, ladies. You've set us back by years.

Author — Jen Toland


Mike Rowe is the best! Totally down to Earth.

Author — Jeff H


It's called wage suppression, Mike. I'm a certified welding inspector with experience in all major welding codes, as well as being a former pipe and pressure vessel welder. Because of the subcontracting process, high profile projects in the middle of Washington DC (where I work) are stacked with Hispanic workers who are all working for $20/hr. It's the construction conglomerates who are benefitting from this process, as it amounts to a wealth transfer from formerly well-paid American tradesmen who either accept the stagnation of their wages, or find a new line of work.

Also, the method of construction is changing to allow for a more automatic, preassembled erector set on a jobsite. Gasketed pipe joints are replacing welded joints. Victaulic pro-press copper fittings are replacing soldered and brazed joints. Prefabricated light-gauge steel stud walls are shipped on site as load-bearing members to support the concrete decks in favor of traditional column-and-beam welded moment connections. In short, buildings are being designed to be erected by a less-skilled workforce. There are drawbacks to this type of construction-- namely the quality, engineered longevity, and architectural repetitiveness. Every new "luxury apartments" building is the same dull box with different outer sheathing. Washington DC (and elsewhere) is starting to look like a more colorful Soviet housing project. Subcontractors who are required to pay prevailing wage on government-funded projects keep the Hispanics at the shop, off-site, to preassemble as much of the product as possible at low wages, and keep a skeleton crew on-site earning the prevailing wage to assemble.

Wage suppression is real, Mike. Where you like to point to niche markets where highly skilled workers are needed and can command top dollar, I can give you a tour of our Nation's Capitol and show you the dark underbelly of a construction industry that is addicted to a workforce who is culturally happy to drive two-hours each way for a commute, earn $150 a day, and live with ten other workers in living conditions akin to the lower echelon of enlisted ranks on a naval vessel or Marine barracks.

Feel free to contact me, Mike. I remain a fan of yours, despite my disagreements about what you elect not to discuss in your public appearances.

Author — ekfinn


Not to dismiss this discussion as light hearted fan nonsense but I have always liked Mike Rowe and after this interview have a profound respect for him. The few minutes of interaction lead me to believe he has a high intellect combined with logical thinking and compassion without allowing any one facet to solely dictate his ideology. Well balanced points that make a ton of sense.

Author — Arthur Djahani


Mike Rowe adds a Common Sense element to our discussions!

Author — John Lavezzorio


People who don't hire people have NO idea the incredibly low quality of applicants right now. The cultural Marxists and the single moms have ruined multiple generations, compounding to our current level of laziness, apathy, entitlement, and ineptitude. These people can't DO anything, they don't WANT to do anything, they don't CARE they can't do anything, and they expect the world in SPITE of not doing anything.

Author — John Lathrop


when i finished high school in 1974 i became an apprentice carpenter. by the time i turned 23 i was able to buy my house and get married. i had the ceremony in a church i helped build, and had the reception in the union hall. i was able to borrow some money from my union to buy a truck, and with my union benefits, i was able to provide great health care for my family. eventually, with the huge influx of illegal workers, my union slowly evaporated., and wages declined. i joined the Army, and stayed for 10 years, taking many college classes when i was in the US. i did lots of homework under a poncho, laying on the jungle floor, burning my textbook as i completed each assignment. i was able to earn a bachelor's degree in mathematics, and when i left the Army, was able to transition to teaching high school. and i had no college debt. with my 'no man left behind' mentality, i seldom had any student fail, while my peers' students experienced a 60% D and F rate. conservativism and work ethic was my path forward, and lots of young people were able to make their way forward because of it.

Author — RangerCaptain11A


Mike Rowe is a good guy. Not so much political as common sense.

Author — Bill Mayhew


I started out, at 18 years old, by working for a construction with no experience. Learning and working my way up to owning my own construction business.
I can not find quality or motivated help. I've found nobody is interested in learning a trade. They come into the ground floor of job with high self~intitled expectation and low work ethics. They are not willing to put in the effort to work at learning and moveing up from their level of skills they have.

Author — bob dylan


Mike Rowe for President!! Common sense and logic, something currently missing from Washington FROM BOTH PARTIES!

Author — gixxerbundy


Only disagreement I have is, I have a great job and no degree. I worked right out of high school. No way was I going to pay that kind of money for a bunch of professors to try and indoctrinate me. And guess what..no debt. My older siblings all have student loan debts. My parents were so dismayed when I didn't go to college. Now I'm the one who has a house, car paid off, goes on a vacation once a year and my siblings still ask my parents for money.

Author — T H


An additional problem is how these employers post these jobs. They make it sound like you MUST have prior experience and they will not train you.

Author — Eric Richardson


The reason pelosi is looking at paperwork is cause trump pulled a rope-a-dope. He gave them all advanced copies but went completely off script so the dems were confused 😂😂

Author — Voose Lagina


I could listen to Mike Rowe all day long. He has a beautiful brain.

Author — Christopher Sundquist


We aren't allowed on the moon, good luck with that. Moon People not having it.

Author — Lars Poen


How can you dislike Mike?!?! The guy is refreshing.

Author — Ian Hamlin