ANIMATED LOGO, TITLE, INTRO or TEXT tutorial for Premiere PRO

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ANIMATED LOGO, TITLE, INTRO or TEXT tutorial for Premiere PRO 5

Learn how to create an animated logo intro, title or text in adobe Premiere Pro. We will also create a background, add a mirror effect and add animated lights to the logo.
To achieve this animation we will use the following effects:
1. Vertical flip
2. Linear wipe
3. Gaussian blur
4. Circle
5. Transform
We will also do a lot of key framing.

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Author — Orange83


That was cool! You know that part... the

*all of it*

Author — BrodsterBj


nice tutorials, I'm watching from the earliest tutorials of your channels and your channel is the channel i'm always loooking for^^

Author — Huyen Nguyen


Dont u ever dare stop making such great tutorials!!!
They are so on point. I have watched hundreds of tuts on youtube but i have to say, yours are the best. PERIOD!
I feel a bit guilty when watching these videos for free.

Author — JLNTRP


I was expecting such a tutorial for long time.. You made my day..

Author — KludgeBot


After completing the nesting, I had my roundel too low, meaning my text was too far apart when flipping it. How do I adjust after nesting? Thank you.

Author — Zooumberg


i've watched thousands of videos and tutorials but i wasn't satisfied, now after watching around 15 or 20 videos i guess i've found my channel, thank very for all this .

Author — random guy


That was incredibly well done!! I'll be watching all or your tutorials...

Author — HintOfLogic


I have no words, very beautifully done, very well explained and moves enough for one to grasp, by far far the best tutorial channel on YouTube imo, subscribed faster than lightning 🌩

Author — izzojunior


Great tutorial! Thank you.
I have been surfing tutorials trying to make a 60 second countdown.
I would get stuck on the same spot at every tutorial, when it says to reverse the (black) or (transparent) video. However as you pointed out, you cannot do that until it's nested. I had no idea! Thank you for teaching me that.

Author — KarlsburgReview


OMG!!! FINALLY FINALLY a video / subscription I’m happy to be following and learning.... Orange83 you’re the real MVP oh yeah and the music is very delightful. Thank you ❤️💯

Author — Cal Allen


Seriously your tutorials video helped me lot for improving my skills. Thank u so much and make more tutorials video on new topic so that I will more improve my self.

Author — VG Fun


thank you so much! :)
Helped me a lot.

Author — Revanta Tikku


Omg i love your channel i learned alot from you thanks so much ❤❤❤

Author — Dark Pain


Hi, I've been practicing with these. And after I done using time interpolation, I found a weird stutter or frame outsync around the border of the video.
How can I fix this? Thanks!

Author — Wolfie71


The best tutorials at all! This is my personal record of faster subscribing for YouTube channel :) Very useful and very informative! I will use lot of your ideas in my videos. Thank you! :)

Author — Yordan Trifonov


I was having a creative block moment and this was really helpful. Thank you!

Author — Caroline Lemes


Amazing - I am speechless.  What I find so interesting is "when do you stop"- You must develop an idea of the type size and then figure motion and how each line falls into have never seen how this is done.  Well done.

Author — Keith G


You asked so nicely and made me laugh with the cut away, just had to like and sub after :D Thanks!

Author — Matty G


Thank you for the tutorials learning so much from you, quick question - under new options i do not have the title option and not sure where to find it? thanks

Author — Stuart Murphy