Shell Scripting Crash Course - Beginner Level

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This is an intro to shell scripting with Bash. We will learn what shell scripting is and create a cheat sheet with things like variables, conditionals, loops, functions, etc. We will also do things like rename multiple files.

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For those in a hurry!

Till 6:13 he explains what is Shell Scripting and how it's done: In Windows, you create .bat files with a command on each line in the file so CMD executes one-by-one. In Linux, we don't use .bat but .sh, and also, we specify a Shebang so Linux knows what interpreter to use (the default is Bash)
Till 7:45 he explains Variables (i.e x = "Text") and how to make Bash distinguish between letter 'x' and our Variable 'x'
Till 8:49 he tells how we can prompt the user for input with command 'read'. Terminal pauses, until data is input. To display a specific message before the blinking cursor use 'read -p ["TEXT: "]'. (-p displays the "TEXT" you provide before it collects input.)
To store the data input in a Variable write the name of the Variable at the end of the command:
'read -p ["TEXT: "] VAR'

Author — Oosman Beekawoo


It's always so interesting to learn from you.
You are great teacher.
I have huge respect for you

Author — Manish Kumar


HI Brad, great video, will there be anymore videos on shell scripting ? we would like to see more from basic to advance levels .. thanks man ! 😊

Author — Super_Cool_Guy !


Thanks Brad, I really appreciate you doing these tutorials. I think YouTube should have more people like you.

Author — April Mintac Pineda


Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I learned so much from this, I really appreciate everything you put out.

Author — Alex Barnicott


Amazing video man !
I learnt so much from you by following along on my computer and I can definitely say without a doubt that I'm more comfortable with bash scripting basics after I watched your video.
Thanks for the educational content
Keep up the good work !

Author — Ahmed


Oh Brad! Thank you so much for this video. Love it. I really want to learn the script language as I want to automate my server so tasks can run at specific time, also write some scripts to create sub-domains from my domain name and those can go online automatically without having to do it myself. Any recommendation courses or books? Thanks again man.

Author — Justin Djeumene


Loved this tutorial! Basic as you say, but super useful. Thank you very much!

Author — José Luis Beltramone


Thank You Sir, the way you explain is awesome. It directly goes into mind. I learnt a lot from your tutorials.
Much respect.

Author — Singh Khalsa


This is really a great video! It has everything for a beginner to know. Concise and useful!

Author — fayfay


Fantastic session - thank you Brad! This is very helpful.

Author — Flank Attack


This tutorial is timeless. Wonderful and relevant after 2 years too.

Author — Rambo


Been waiting for this. Great tutorial Brad!!! Very useful especially since I use a arch distro

Author — evilmorty2000


Great video as always. I'd love to see some C++ tutorials!

Author — NacDan


This is a really GOOD content. Thanks Brad! It is always good to learn more about something that I know. Always learn more.

Author — Fernando Goya


Good stuff Brad...You always know some good content is coming up once that transition music starts. And you never dissapoint. Big up on the new content, i've always enjoyed your tutorials. And i cant wait for the JAVA stuff...lookin forward to it

Author — Jack Jax


Huge thanks for this video, simple and powerful to learn quickly!

Author — Manuel Jordan


Great video, thanks for posting. As usual, lots of good info to get me started and point me in the direction to advance. Thanks man!

Author — X19


You know this video is a beautiful, educational learning course when its been out for 2 nearly 3 years and only has 55 dislikes compared to that of 6.8K likes, I finally found my shell script beginners course

Author — ReflectTheEmotions


Dude, thank you so much for the time that you took to create this content. It was super helpful. And I'm digging VS Code, and the extensions.

P.S. I usually stay signed out of my Google account, but had to sign in because I had to leave you a comment.

P.P.S If anyone else was wondering, the keyboard shortcut to comment out multiple lines of code is CMD + / lol I was like...🧐

Author — Liam Speaks