Harry Styles Cardigan | Panel 5 and Q & A

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How to make the Harry Styles Cardigan! Part FIVE! I also answer some questions like why I started my YouTube channel, who my favorite YouTubers are, and how much money I make on YouTube!

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*** For the jacquard square, follow the diagram starting from right to left for row 1, then left to right for row 2, right to left for row 3, and keep alternating as the numbers show in the diagram, instead of right to left for every row like I said in the video! Sorry 🥺 ***

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Super Chunky weight yarn (quantities based on 90m length per 100g)
6 x 2cm Black Buttons

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Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Galations 6:9

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Love getting to hear more about you while also being treated to these incredible calming and beautifully edited videos haha :) Also, there’s something comforting about working on this cardigan knitting project alongside so many people around the world! Thanks for all you do! Wish you all the best, and hope you get to continue doing what you love here 💙

Author — Jane Eaves


About to start this panel I’m so nervous as I’ve never shaped anything before. Before this week I’d never even done anything but a knit stitch 😂

Author — Evangejack


i’m on this panel n i started this week, love that for me

Author — abigail


i’ve finally gotten to this panel and i’ve tried watching other videos before i found this one but none worked. these videos are so soothing and helpful! thank you

Author — Anslee Collins


we’re in the home stretch! i’m slightly afraid to do the collar shaping but i’m ready to be done with the back of the cardigan!!

Author — aingea v


I'm so thrilled it's coming along so well after I finish panel number 5 I probably join them together and I am so grateful and I really do appreciate everything you do for us watching you do so calmly, you have a unique way of showing how it's done.

Author — Nanette Grice


Hurray! And a Q&A! Double hurray! :) may I ask where the music is from? It's beautiful.

Author — C bee


Thank you for sharring the knitting and God's word. God bless.

Author — Kim Nguyen


Can you show us how you put the panels together? I love your videos!! I haven’t started yet because I’m really nervous but your videos are making me feel a lot more confident with it!!!♥️

Author — Addison Johnston


Looks so wonderful! I really love and enjoy your videos ♡♡

Author — Adriana Pacheco


Love your videos! ❤️ When will number 6 come? I also try to knitting the cardigan.

Author — Ella Krogh Trillingsgaard


Green: 0:55
Yellow: 4:34
Jacquard: 11:10
Orange: 14:40

Author — Grace


I dont buy the material yet but when i start i will show u

Author — Marília Carvalho


hi, I just discovered your videos and immediately liked and subscribed. I also checked out your other videos and love them! I really want to start making this cardigan but before I start, can you tell me what size this is? like, I want it to be oversized. thanks for your efforts, we love you! *heart heart*

Author — ez


I love following along to these videos! You’re really great at showing how to do this! One question I have is do you know of any way to turn around the green panel that was backwards? Thank you!

Author — Amy Hotter


it’s looking great and you’re almost done with the back!😁 it was nice to get to know more about you! also, when you were saying how to do the jacquard pattern, you said that on both the 1st (RS) and 2nd(WS) rows you did it from right to left but I believe odd numbered/RS rows are done from right to left and all even numbered/WS rows are done from left to right on the chart

Author — Mack R


i've managed to do the shaping on the wrong side of the panel so that it's opposite haha

Author — Chazza


I know they’re 18 sts wide but do you count them longwise? I wasn’t but now I’m worried about the part que I have to sew them on that they’re not going to match or something

Author — Lwhathanysh Urbaez T


Hello! Absolutely love your work))
Can you share how many yarn blocks/meters you used until now?

Author — Capre Diem


I don't know if you've already said it in your past videos but I'm not English and maybe I missed it, but I wanted to ask if it's the same if I make all of the squares and then I sew them together. I think it's easier for me... Anyway thank you so much. It is the best tutorial I found and you are amazing. You explain things so well!

Author — Giorgia G