Putin Fires Corrupted Bureaucrats Like a BOSS: You are fired for moonlighting!

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Putin Fires Corrupted Bureaucrats Like a BOSS: You are fired for moonlighting! 4.5

Putin dismisses officials following their election as Russian Academy of Sciences members

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed a number of senior high-ranking officials of the federal security service FSB, presidential property management department, the Defense Ministry and the Interior Ministry, the Kremlin’s press-service said.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the decision followed the election of the officials in question as corresponding members or full members of the Russian Academy of Sciences in defiance of recommendations from the head of state to the contrary.

"Yes, this is true," Peskov said when asked if the dismissal followed their election as Academy of Sciences’ members.

The president dismissed the chief of the registration and archive funds directorate of the federal security service FSB, Lieutenant-General Vasily Khristoforov from his post and military service for age reasons.

Deputy chief of the presidential property management directorate, head of the presidential property management directorate’s main medical department Konstantin Kotenko, chief of the Russian Defense Ministry’s main military medical directorate Aleksandr Fisun and Deputy Interior Minister, head of the Interior Ministry’s investigations department Aleksandr Savenkov were dismissed of their own accord.

At a meeting of the presidential council for science and education last week President Putin asked Russian Academy of Sciences President Vladimir Fortov why several senior officials had been elected as RAS members in defiance of his objections. Putin he was going to give such officials "a chance to dedicate themselves to science, as their research activity look far more important to them than their routine administrative duties at their posts in bodies of power and management."

The president said that in defiance of his instructions several officials of the presidential property management department, Education Ministry, Interior Ministry, Defense Ministry, federal security service FSB and a number of other agencies participated in the elections.

The RAS has told TASS fourteen senior officials, including the chief of the Defense Ministry’s main military medical directorate Aleksandr Fisun had become its members this year. The elections of RAS members ended on October 28 this year. The candidatures of 176 newly-elected full members and 323 new corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences were approved. The title of RAS member can be rejected only if the scientist declares this intention in advance and the motion is supported by a majority at a general meeting of the Academy. The next RAS general meeting is due at the end of March 2017.

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Chuck Norris has a Vladimir Putin poster on his wall.

Author — D. J.


"You didn't answer the question so I will complete the sentence for you."




"What is the second question?" gulag do you want to go to"

Author — John D'costa


Like a boss?? Are you kidding me?? He is the boss



I don't speak russian but detect an ultra alpha male who intimidates people with grace. Perfect leader to hold the crooks responsible.

Author — CV


Putin doesn't joke around and try to twist facts he will smack you, so you better answer his questions .. he is true leader

Author — Tarek


He essentially said: "If you are a leading scientist then you should focus on science. It seems that managing executive branches is not working out for you"

Author — Br0nx Boii


British Citizen here. BBC lied about Iraq having nukes and now expects me to believe their slander of Putin & the Russian people? I dediced not to hate, but to educate...myself that is. Putin is a decent and impressionable man

Author — DrTheKay


When people come to talk with Putin they wear brown pants.

Author — TIAN


Man, I wish this guy leads my country. It’s a shitshow here. I know his not perfect but the guy is far better than most other leaders, not to mention how much pride he gives to his people purely because of moments like this.

Author — sun bro


Love the way he makes them feel like theyre already in an KGB interogation room.Old school effective.

Author — gert benckisser


Putin is respected and even intimidates without being vulgar or agressive, that is class

Author — Spiro Nikita Ielivitch


I love how he always remains calm, like he's certain of the outcome of the conversation long before it even begins.
You can see the blood draining from that guys face as Putins questions became more and more pointed.
No Twitter rants from Putin, he doesn't just yap about caring for the common person.
Call it publicity, call it whatever. I've seen a million shots of him diving, hiking, hunting, kicking peoples asses.
He's an admirable leader, much respect.

Author — DJ


Holy shit. Now that's how smart people say it. lol

Author — Tall Order


What can I say that has not been said. This man has balls. Seems everyone wants him to be their country's president. (South Africa)

Author — Gillian Victor


i am beginning to like that guy. thank you for protecting us the scientist from corrupt officials who take our title because they think its cool or something. i hoped we had a leader like that

Author — Bantu Piscies


Putin can you come to Serbia and put some order please? :)

Author — aceunoia


The greatest man of our time...and were lucky livin it with him...

Author — Kevin Bobic


Me, always take milk in my coffee
Putin, "Do you take milk with your coffee?
Me, uhh, I uhh. I don't know
Putin, then I will answer for you. No you do not.
Haven't touched the stuff since

Author — BigEv


In mexico we have a guy that has been chief secretary of energy, chief secretary of taxes, chief secretary for social development,   and secretary of international affairs. Meade is his name, he must be 3000 IQ

Author — carlosatilano