How to make Psychedelic Effects for Psytrance

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

In this video I show you some techniques for making your own Psychedelic Effects for your music. We use Tantra VST, ShaperBox, Filterfreak and a couple other cool plugins to achieve some unique sounds!

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Tantra is a REEALLLYYY powerful VST, especially in combination with Shaperbox and other devices! Enjoy <3

Author — Collective Intelligence


Thank you so much for sharing all this info!! I learned a lot and you are very good in explaining!! Now hopefully the pirated version of tantra im downloading will work 😁

Author — Sacred Geometry Music


Really nice tutorial mate. I was wondering if you already uploaded a tutorial about phase matching kick and bass if they overlap each other. I like the sound of your basslines and I am curious about what techniques you are applying to get such a nice rolling feel to it. Cheers

Author — Airborn


Really nice man!
But i have a question: which sample pack is it?

Author — WarTech Official


Hi, wonderful processing... Would you give me (us) the name of the sample pack, please?

Author — Anand4mine


could you some tutorials about mixing and mastering ? i really like your way to explain things and your workflow

Author — Yalın Fındık


This vocal is fire! good tutorial where i can find this sample pack ?

Author — miguel romera lopez


You can actually achieve pretty much all those effects with Tantra but it would involve a bit of, as you put it, hole diving :)

Author — Mark Derv


mate, this is exactly what I was about to ask you to do few days ago.. :D :D thanks a lot.. :D

Author — silasch11


I love your tutorials but why did you reverse it? It sounded way better normally

Author — Keefmiester


the flatten loop sequence was like a simple dubstep begin haha

Author — BitMuSikBasel


Anyone could please tell me a free vst like Tantra?

Author — igor