IMPRESSIVE new 12ga Slug - A hollow point IN a hollow point - yep

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

We were lucky to get some of the new .357 Defender rounds to test out. Tim looked at the design flaws of other similar defense rounds and created one of the best close-quarters rounds we've tested. They have moderate recoil, but high velocity. The accuracy was impressive at close and medium ranges. Because the machining is so precise, the slugs' terminal ballistics were about as perfect and reliable as possible. Fragmentation occurred even striking dry wall. These were a real pleasure to test out and Tim managed to produce something even the big companies couldn't achieve.

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If you hit a home invader with that, you're gonna need a power washer to get him off the walls.

Author — Can't Touch This


That is a very impressive slug. Typically these kind of gimmicky slugs don't really perform that well. They are more show than go. But man, I can't believe how accurate this thing is AND it does what it's designed to do on impact.

Author — Kevin Amundsen


That pork test is utterly terrifying, you want to know what that round would do human chest, well there you go.

Author — Dennis Broschart


All the cops will say is, "What the 'F' did you hit him with?"

Author — Dennis Aitken


out of all shot gun slugs I've watched on here... this one I'd buy in bulk

Author — James on


Nice to see some "special" design ammo actually performed well. Most of those novelty shells are a bad joke and then... Awesomeness

Author — Andy Stampfli


The Paul Harrell shoutout made my day almost as much as this slug did! Good stuff man!

Author — TheTman00


Officer Greg is one of those guys you wanna have a couple of pints with and talk about guns and stuff.

Author — PsychoAztecs


I can honestly say, this is 1 of VERY FEW, non production rounds that i have seen preform so well. I would love to know where i can buy some of these, if the maker does sell them, anyone know how much they r, and where to get them?

Author — michael johnson


I'd pay the exorbitant price, but like everything I'm sure its not available.

Author — Corkfish1


One of these would do so much damage this is the scariest round I've ever seen...I want it

Author — Steven Haire


This is one of the best rounds you have shown, thanks.

Author — Ray karl


The ballistic machinist REALLY did deliver on this round. Thats gnarly!

Author — Leo.P30sk


It even made a flash when it hit the gel. This is the best slug I've ever seen

Author — KingGinger333


It’s like the ammunition equivalent of Turducken

Author — JackOSUrulz


Officer Greg is a Savage "we blew his thoughts all over the table" 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Charles Norvell


I want to test them in 20 gauge. Very impressive slug. I love them tested on the pork. Wow. Nice job guys.

Author — The Anti Youtuber


I think this is the most impressive shotgun slug I've seen on here.

Author — Morgan Griffin


6:40 at .25x

that energy transfer is insane. even if the intruder has a plate vest on they are getting knocked off their feet and again you can see that spread is just perfect.

Author — Sir Ashley


That's pretty cool at 6:39 and a halfish seconds, you can see the flash from the .357 igniting as the slug made impact with the gel. That's a one spicy meatAball. Devastating.

Author — Edward Agora Feenman