How to Change the Background of a Picture 🎴 without Photoshop

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How to Change the Background of a Picture 🎴 without Photoshop 5

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Changing a photo background is a wonderful way to create a postcard or meme. OR edit a photo for a family album. Adding background to a photo is easier than you think! To do this, you won’t need to get such a professional program as Adobe Photoshop or look for online photo editors. And in this video, you can learn how to edit a picture background.

➤ Open Movavi Photo Editor. Import the photo you want to edit. Open the Background Change tab.

➤ To change the background color of an image. You can automatically mark the foreground objects in the image with the help of the Auto Select tool. To manually select objects, use the green Foreground brush. Use the red Background brush to select the background you want to change.

➤ If the borders of the object are selected incorrectly, use Mask Brushes to fix it. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to edit picture background.

➤ You can make the background transparent or colored. But how to change background color? To add a single-colored background to the picture (like white, black, or red), use the buttons in the top of the right-hand panel. You can also change the original background in an image. Click on the Add Image button.

➤ Click Apply.

Done! And now you know how to change an image background. You are amazing!


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