2020 Android security update

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Welcome to the 2020 Android Security Update: Stephan talks about what the Android Security & Privacy Team has been doing during the last year for Android 11.


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Stephan Somogyi

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What’s the meaning of SPUR reviews under Security Assurance?

Author — Eating biu


Apps having vulnerability should be banned from Google Play

Author — Houssem Zaier


I know this isn't security related but in Android 11 it'd be great if you could remove the album art blur from the lock-screen.

Author — AEleven


It's a big part of the devices history

Author — Adam. org


Hi, I wonder if you help me when I click my phone on an ad that appears. I have no idea where it comes from nor do I have any idea how to get rid, it does my head in. I do not what to do with a factory reset, can you help. Thanks, Dean

Author — Dean Green


For an update about privacy, Google is suspiciously silent.

Author — Santa Chad


For years (over 6 years) I was a big Android fan. But you guys make Android more secure with each version, while Android isn't MEANT for optimal security. Go closed source for better security! BUT DON'T MESS WITH ANDROID IN SUCH A WAY THAT THE FREEDOM VANISHES! ANDROID IS LAME RIGHT NOW. YOU GOTTA CHANGE THAT. Videos like these show how you don't care A SINGLE BIT about people who want to see Android flourish. BIG YIKES, GOOGLE. BIG YIKES.

Author — Sir Henry