David Bowie - Heroes

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David Bowie - Heroes 4.5

Live in Berlin, 2002.

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Only David Bowie can do this song. Only him, no one else. Should be a patent.

Author — M F


I want Bowie if it was just for one day.

Author — Kilha Freeze


This song always makes me cry because it was the last song my dad listended to before he died just a few months after Bowie of the same cause.

Author — Long Johnson


If earth is 4 billion years old and you have co-existed with David Bowie, listening to his songs, you can consider yourself a lottery jackpot winner.

Author — Margus Linnakivi


I love how this guy is so artistic, that he write a song about him on his deathbed

Author — David Konevky


they just dont make people like this anymore, absolute all round MEGA STAR, beyond unique, just glad i was around to live these times, thank you Mr Bowie for giving yourself to us

Author — Paul D


There are no male singers around today who can compare to this man. He was my first pop hero . Im 60 now and I still love his music. Sadly missed

Author — Gary Owens


His voice remained crystal clear and beautiful all the way until the end. I’m glad I got to appreciate him somewhat before he passed. I love seeing younger people be just as enamored with him as I was, it keeps his beautiful legacy going! ❤️

Author — SunnyStreet


Bowie at his best, but the musicians at his side are the sole with David's heart

Author — Richard Haughton


NO cover versions of THIS song! This is definitive...and Earl Slick’s guitar, Brilliant!

Author — Larry Klawiter


While working for a ticketing company (no longer around, sad), I worked a multi-night show of his in NC. I went to grab something to eat, instead of making a left, to eat with the building staff, I made a right. Looked different. Grabbed a plate. Sat down. This guy came over next to me and asked if he could sit down. You got it. I looked up and saw Bowie towering over me. I flashed a huge smile and just said, "of course". Initially, he thought I worked for Pepsi (the show's sponsor, because I was wearing the suit, but when I told him I worked for the ticketing company (not TM), he talked to me like I was an old friend. A neighbor. One of the most decent and genuine people on the planet. A true great guy. And a great talent that will live on in his music. As we can attest to now.

Author — Ted Hawver


Crazy thing is, there was no breeze on that stage. Bowie's hair just does that itself.

Author — EpicBeard815


This guy was so natural and comfortable on stage, it's something to appreciate. He's actually enjoying himself.

Author — Cliff Gunther


Can't believe it's been 4 years since he died. The music lives on though.

Author — Lynn Patterson


It's been a rough few months in the history of the world. And that's why I come back here to this song.

Author — Jay Mack


Killer Queen is already in your eye



Author — Alim Özer


This performance was a masterclass. His technique, his flair, his presence - everything was just genius.

Author — Zak Archer


DAVID BOWIES s best of HEROES about him and me and our english moroccan friends since meeting in edinbourg scotland after ive frequented TRIDENT STUDIOS in london our receptionist in the phone SARAH WHITE summer agree this true story and long history about us we are real HEROES artists ever "JELLY" SMW agency founder 00 212-674123640

Author — mabrouk belghiti Fouad


This is Bowie’s best version of this song. Only himself can age like a fine wine 🍷 #Heroes

Author — Harp 4803


Some if the best guitar I've ever heard . The way it plays melody with Bowie is gorgeous.

Author — Debbie Hanisch