Trudeau, Trump and other world leaders arrive at Buckingham Palace for Queen's reception

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Trudeau, Trump and other world leaders arrive at Buckingham Palace for Queen's reception 4.5

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump were among the world leaders Queen Elizabeth II welcomed to Buckingham Palace for a special reception for leaders of NATO countries.

The leaders of NATO member countries are in London for a two-day summit.

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Only Trudeau gave thanks to the guard who opened the door for him other were in hurry to go inside 😥

Author — Hello There


Except for Mr Trudeau noone bothered the say Thanks to the lady who opened the car door for them. Yes, there's another lady leader who acknowledged though!
Such small yet thoughtful gestures show that he's thorough.

Author — Tinku K


Why Boris was in hurry? I run like this when the food starts in weeding reciption.

Author — Aadil Chand


I like how Melania waited for Donnie and he walked right past her.

Author — Emily


The beginning of this video looks just like a setup for Mr.Bean to arrive : )

Author — mtlicq


These are the puppets! The real world leaders are invisible!

Author — Lucky Apple


Melania looked like a 80's super hero. I was expecting any moment she fly

Author — LaW_


This Boris Johnson looks so unkempt. He appears like someone who could possibly show up at this event on a scooter. The British have surely lost class in their recent Prime Ministers.

Author — Delite


Trump gets greeted by 4 persons while Trudeau by only one and Macron was greeted by an Indian guy who pretends to be english

Author — Edward Valivonis


Why Boris Johnson always has a messy hair.

Author — Dessie Belgica


Erdogan the only one who wait for his wife!

Author — Burim N


Coronavirus: Wait I am coming. Why u are shaking hands???

Author — Angry Bird


Am i the only one who felt sad for the boys who gives sword salute 😥 they r not statue,

Author — Rakin Hussain


The only leader who said “thank you” was Trudeau. That shows how nice Canadians are! Long live Canada🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Author — light for ever


What, did it take 8 months to edit this junk, and come up with a click bait thumbnail ???? Thanks
Very informative !! NOT !!!!

Author — G. Dileonardo


Trump was the only one who let his wife out on the near side and walked around the car himself.

Author — David Zaduk


The queen changed her mind, they will be celebrating Andrew's 60th tonight!

Author — Louis Meloche


If Any member of the Rothschild family were to walk in, everyone inside (including “the queen”) will bow down to their master.

Author — Frank A.


It is funny how some people have to act like statues.

Author — Allan Hartford


Surprised Trump was invited back after what happened last time.

Author — Big Mike