Playing A Game WIth No Players Online...

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It's been a while since I've played a game with this good of atmosphere and I can't wait to play it more and more as it further develops. Thanks for watching!
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"Playing a game with no players online"

So it's just fallout 76

Author — rabburtt


Imagine that instead of a lame wife ghost that joins the game, it was a player who camp snipes you.

True horror right there.

Author — Suguri


Okay so now that we're talking about CTF, I heard a story of a little kid playing roblox and he said in the chat "get the fag" instead of "get the flag" he got banned and cried so hard that he threw up lol

Author — ProGamer


the second he said “the game has the ability to raise the dead.” is when the game became not very scary.

Author — Yourmomgay


When you gain the high ground. But there isnt anyone below.

Author — General Kenobi


Love how that muto just says "Okay dude" while laughing when the part about "This game has the power to raise the dead" came.

Author — ralek


How to fix this game

1.- Remove the ghost wife model and replace it with a generic player model that moves erratically around the map. It would also work if the model is that of a woman with textures that looked like they were ripped from a family photograph (Like the N64 Goldeneye and Perfect Dark models).

2.- Avoid most of the exposition the developer gave you, subtle hints that the game is something more sinister make it a lot scarier than "this game will revive my waifu but you can save her soul if you dont listen to me".

3.- Get the actually supernatural shit out, and make it seem that the game is the work of a mentally deranged man that wants to get his wife back and is trying to build her in the game or some insane shit, you can add witchcraft to the mix adding obscure religious images (commonly associated with sorcery) near the spot where the wife often appears. This will make the player model moving erratically with no real goal creepier.

Now the game is unnerving, scary, and if you take a moment to look for the details, sad. Now the story is about a man that was so devastated about his wife's sudden death, that the game he was working in got derailed so badly by tributes he made to her (that would later become attempts to build her in that world) that it lost all its players due to the lack of care and the rise of newer better games.

Author — Rodrigo Israel


*Lana Rhoades has joined the game*
"Yo bro you got a mic"

Author — ZeroPomegranates


JOHN_DEV: How did you even get access to this game?
Me: Steam Early Access

Author — EXcentriX


In this game your not afraid of being alone your afraid someone else is with you.

Author — Xav Guy


Yeah this game is 0/10 sat in my spawn waiting for almost an hour and still didn’t find a player, I swear these servers are almost as bad as a cod game 10 years after review. Upon exiting the game I uninstalled and left a bad review. 😤🤬

Author — Seb Kopf


"I saved John's wife dude."

Yes muta you killed her

Author — Mein Vaterland


"I get unnerved very easily"

This is the same guy that browses the deep web every sunday

Author — PapaSnake


Me and my homies opening the game at the same time
Server: 0/10
Me and the homies: :(

Author — bloody cherry


Really wasn't a huge fan of the whole dead wife thing. Took away all the mystery and kind of messed up any horror aspect for me.

Author — Sloth & Mole Gaming


"thats your wife?"

Author — Lucy Isnt Osu!


Everything : spooky
Wife and ghost part : A joke that ruins it

Author — ColdSoda


I can't be the only one who feels anxious in an empty fps server, because you're so used to the constant noises of other players shooting and announcements of what's going down, and then you step in an empty server and all that is gone, no noises except wind in some games and your own footsteps

Author — Chris the Zambambo


Imagine working on reviving someone you love for 11 years and someone comes “save” her

Author — Dreamy-The-Protogen


I remember I used to head onto empty servers in club penguin, and that was scarier than the ‘this game can bring back the dead’ reveal.

Author — FishE The Fish